Use Sales Activity To Keep Enthusiasm High

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EthusiasmAs economic conditions begin to rebound and more sales opportunities arise, it may be time to reinvigorate your sales team. Below are two ways to help you motivate the sales team for a new charge. Use this new modern approach to reignite that old-fashioned fire!

A New Approach to Goal Setting
Ok, you set the same standard monthly sales goals, month after month, year after year. Slightly alter this approach by basing goals more on sales activity, than on closed sales.

As an example, you may set a goal to increase the number of proposals sales people generate in a given time period. Or perhaps, you reward team members for doing the most sales presentations. Increasing such sales activities will of course, increase the amount of closed sales.

More Sales Activity Goals
Now continue that course of thinking and address sales actions that help create more sales and maintain a strong work ethic at the same time. For instance, you know that to close more sales, the team needs to make more proposals. To make more proposals, they need to make more appointments. Of course, to make more appointments, the sales team has to make more calls.

Create a sales contest and incentive program that rewards the sales people who make the most calls for the month. Reward the team member who contacts the largest amount of new prospects.

By varying the approach to common sales goals, you can keep the team motivated and focus on maintaining a productive work ethic. Your team can operate with a bullish enthusiasm even in a bearish economy!

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

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Originally published: 23 April, 2012