Use This Simple Call To Action To Shake Up Stale Deals

Written by Sean McPheat | Linkedin thumb

switcher on/offMany times you will send a message to prospects and they will be deleted or thrown in the bin before being opened.

They are simply not interested in being sold something via email or through marketing blurb.

Others may open your message and read it before again throwing it away or deleting it.

One technique that seems to work more often than not is so simple that it is often overlooked by marketers and salespeople alike.

I’m sure you’ve received many sales letters yourself and quickly scanned it to see if it has any relevance to you at all.

Now, what if the message had a PS at the end?

Did that grab your attention? I bet it did!

A PS (Latin for Post Script) is a final sentence or two, originally viewed up as an after-thought, something that was omitted from the original letter.

These days, it can be used as an urgent addendum or special offer.

This grabs their attention and creates interest.

An example of a PS could be a special offer, or the number one benefit they will achieve with your product or service. Imagine that the PS is the first thing they read in the communication. What would that over-riding, hard-hitting message be?

You could also include the date that the special offer will finish, or even the free bonuses they would achieve by ordering soon.

Think of that PS as being a call-to-action, something that raises the stakes or makes them think they have to take action NOW to get whatever it is you are promoting.

If the message is a simple confirmation of an order, your PS could simply be a reiterance of your thanks for their business.

Start using a PS in your sales communications and you’ll see how it changes the way it looks and, more importantly, how much of the message is actually read.

Happy Selling!

Sean McPheat

Managing Director

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Originally published: 7 April, 2016