Use This Simple Technique To Get The Decision Maker On-Side

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team celebrating contract signingWhen we are putting our presentations together for a client meeting, we often, if not always, concentrate on the overall benefits to the client of our products and services.

We concentrate on what our products will produce for them, how they will make them more competitive in the market place, the profitability they will bring or the increased productivity that they will gain.

These are often seen as the major reasons why buyers choose to use you.

But there is also something that should be highlighted on top of all these company benefits, and it is often left out.

By doing so, we may miss the biggest reason why the buyer should make the decision to go with you.

You could call it ‘the icing on the cake’ for many deals, and it’s simply the benefits that will come to the individual who is making the decision.

We often forget that buying is based on emotion; that is, how someone feels about the decision.

Yes, you’re right in talking about how the business will benefit and what gains the department or the team will get from making the right decision.

By highlighting the overall benefits that the individual will achieve, we now hit a nerve that might be otherwise overlooked.

Think of it this way; if the buyer makes a decision that will save his company money, he’s done just that…saved the company money. But what gains has he himself achieved?

If you showed him what the personal gains would be, that might swing the balance in your favour.

Suppose you are selling products that make savings in production costs.

How will the company benefit?

Yes, they could use those savings to develop other areas in the business.

But also, the individual themselves will benefit by being seen as the one who saved the money.

A simple presentation point could be:

“We’ve seen how this new product will cut your overheads by up to 15%, but how will it benefit your team as well? No doubt they’ll experience the lower effort and the time-savings this will bring. It will make their jobs easier and allow them to do more important things. And who will they thank for that? Yes, you!”

Here, you are showing the accolades that will personally come to them.

The overall benefits of this will be that the users will see the decision-maker making things better for them.

This will result in better relationships and more acceptance of the future decisions made by the buyer.

The buyer themselves will see that you have provided these results for them, and will feel in your debt for that.

So, when you have the opportunity, concentrate on how the individual will benefit from making the decision.

Show them the gains they will personally achieve and what people will be saying to them.

That way, you’ll get them on your side and the icing on the cake will taste even sweeter!

Happy selling!

Sean McPheat

Managing Director

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Originally published: 18 August, 2016