Was That Face To Face Meeting Really Necessary?

Written by Sean McPheat | Linkedin thumb

Meeting man and womanHave you ever experienced this scenario?

You’re on the way to the sales meeting with a prospect or client and you’re stuck in a jam.

That one-hour journey swiftly changes into two hours.

You frantically make calls to the client apologising for the delay as the sat nav screams at you that your life is inexorably ebbing away while you sit there.

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You finally arrive, hot, bothered and flustered. You apologise again and then the meeting takes half an hour.

You get back in your car and wonder what value you gained from all this.

On the way back, the journey is easier, but you wonder whether the time spent was really worth it.

The whole morning has gone and you get back to the office with only a half-hour’s worth of business actually carried out.

Does this ring a bell?

Of course, you can’t always legislate for the traffic, but you can start to manage the tasks you have to accomplish.

Instead of thinking that you simply MUST visit every client for a face-to-face meeting, ask yourself these specific questions before you decide to visit:

  • What’s the purpose of this visit?
  • What do I intend to get from this visit?
  • What do I want to get out of it, and what do I want the prospect to get from it?

Having asked those questions, now you can decide if spending the time travelling to the prospect is worth it.

Do you need to really be face to face to achieve the goals you decided upon from those questions?

Is it possible you could work with the client via a video-conference or skype to achieve the same goals?

Think through the results you want to achieve.

Ask yourself ‘If I couldn’t possibly get to the client, could I get the results I want through video link?’

Naturally there will be many meetings where it is impossible to progress if you’re not face to face.

But it isn’t always necessary, and with video conferencing services offering free connections, it won’t cost you or the prospect a penny to link up.

Just search for ‘free videoconferencing services’ and sign up.

You’ll be surprised how easy it is.

It also means you save hours of traveling time and increases your admin time to catch up. In the scenario above, you will have spent around 4 hours of your valuable time and all you’ve got to show is a half-hour meeting.

If you had planned the meeting via video link, you just travel into the office (or better still, do the call from home) and you only take half-an-hour for the meeting, plus updating your CRM system.

You’ve nailed it all by 10am.

Next time you are planning a meeting, think if it’s really necessary to have it face-to-face.

A video discussion may save both you and the prospect a massive amount of time.

Happy Selling!

Sean McPheat

Managing Director

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Originally published: 23 March, 2016