Why Most Closing Techniques Just Suck

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you suckIf you have been around the world of selling for any real length of time then you have to have said to yourself, “This close sucks!” At least once in a while you have to feel that most of the so-called closing techniques, tips, tricks and magical scripts, just don’t hold much water today.

The reason for this isn’t so much that the techniques themselves are bad, old or actually suck. It is simply that you need to look at them from a slightly different angle; a new point of view. View your old closes through this new thought process and watch how the sucky-ness dissipates!

An Updated Way Of Thinking
In looking at the closing techniques available today, you first want to consider the objections they are used for. In doing this, begin to look at these objections a little differently than the way you thought of them in the past. As an example, if I were to ask you, “Why do you try to overcome objections?” What would you answer?

As you consider that, think about this, “Who is it that actually has the objection?” I am not trying to be funny, I’m serious. Who has the objection? Is it you? It is the prospect who actually has the objection.

Now, the old way of thinking about objections was to think of how to OVERCOME them. However, if you just think about it for a moment, you see that you do not have anything that you need to overcome. It is the prospect who has the problem.

Therefore, you need to


Does that make sense?

What’s The Difference?
The difference in the two thoughts is in the way you approach the problem. Whereas you could continue to throw rebuttals and reasoning at the prospect in an effort to get him or her to reconsider or change their mind and come around to your way of thinking.

Or, you can understand that it is the prospect who has a problem and give the prospect additional information, answer outstanding questions and


Partners On The Same Side
Understand that as a professional sales person dealing with today’s modern and educated buyer, that you both want the same thing. You are both on the same side and the sales process is not a fight where someone wins and someone loses.

So when the prospect raises that objection, don’t begin rattling off rebuttals trying to overcome the objection. Instead, work together with the buyer to HELP the buyer overcome their own objection.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 4 December, 2012