Why You Must Love Pain Instead Of Pleasure

Written by Sean McPheat | Linkedin thumb

Middle age handsome grey-haired business man wearing elegant shiYour prospects will always do more to avoid pain then they will to gain pleasure.

It’s just human nature to act that way.

And in this “bad news” economy that we are sick to the back teeth of hearing of, a lot of companies are battening down the hatches and are going into survival mode (i.e avoid pain at all costs) as opposed to going into thrive mode (i.e gain pleasure)

So this provides an opportunity for you.

Here’s a quick exercise for you to complete:

1. Write down all of the benefits that your product or service solves

2. Next, re-engineer those benefits into pain! What I mean by this is that you should write down what your prospect’s situation would be if they don’t use your product or service

3. Next, write down 5-10 pain inducing questions that you can ask to elicit pain and problems during your sales interactions

4. After they expose their pain you can then solve their problem!

An example;

You sell a fax machine that is integrated onto your prospect’s desktop.

– You don’t have to leave your desk when sending a fax

– It costs as much as sending an email

– It’s kinder to the environment

Reverse Engineer The Benefits:
– By leaving your desk you spend 5-15 minutes at the fax machine and this wastes time, effort and focus

– It costs 40p per fax

– It wastes paper

Questions You Could Ask To Induce Pain:
– Do you know how many faxes are sent in your office each week?

– Do you know how long it roughly takes to send a fax?

– (then you’d discuss the 5-15 minutes x the number of faxes sent each week to get a ball park figure in terms of time lost)

– (you can also do the same with the volume x cost)

– I noticed that you are a “green employer” – do you know how much paper is being wasted with the 544 faxes you said you send each week? On average it’s a minimum of 3 pages per fax etc

I hope you get the idea?

It’s just a neat little tip to get you to reverse engineer the benefits into pain inducing questions to elicit the pain.

And then of course, we all know what will provide a solution to the pain don’t we!!!????


Happy Selling!

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Originally published: 17 February, 2009