Would You Really WANT to Sell Anything to Anyone?

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In the recent post, “Can You Sell ANYTHING to ANYONE?” I highlighted that many sales people believe that it is possible to become so good in the practice, art or science of selling that one can close every prospect for any product.Sold stamp

Could a sales person get to the point to be able to sell anything to anyone by becoming an expert in prospecting, asking questions, persuasion and closing skills? Let’s look at those thoughts again…

Prospecting – A real pro could use the prospecting process so effectively that he or she filters potential prospects to such a laser-targeted degree that most actually buy.

However, that would not be selling to anyone. In fact, that would be selling to a very narrow group of prospects that share certain traits.

Asking Questions – I mentioned that a sales person could become so skilful at asking questions that they could always find a way to create need or desire for whatever he or she sells.

However, to unearth a need that truly exists is one thing. To manufacture a need that was not there until you showed up, is another.

Persuasion – We all know that sales person who believes he or she can talk anyone into anything.

However, talking or manipulating people into buying something that they do not want or need is not selling.

Closing – The sales person who can sell anything to anyone would have to have an answer for everything and can overcome every objection or condition.

However, if you do not occasionally get objections that are far more than simple stalls, or run into conditions that can halt the sale in its tracks; then why would a company need to pay sales people to go out and sell the product?

Selling Anything to Anyone – Sean’s Take
Personally, I cannot and will never be able to sell anything to anyone, nor would I want to.

First, I can only sell something that I truly believe in and the fact is that I do not believe in every product in the world. Quite simply, there are some products on the market that I believe are a waste of money and do not deliver value to the buyer. There are, no doubt, people who have the desire to purchase such inadequate or substandard products. However, I will not assist them in doing so. In my opinion, as a professional sales person, my job is to provide a true service to the client. My obligation is to help the prospect solve a problem with the proper needed solution. My objective is to help people buy—not to sell them. To talk or persuade someone into buying something for which they have no use, is not providing a service. In fact, it is tantamount to malpractice (to put it mildly).

Yes, I strive to improve my prospecting skills. I diligently work on asking better questions to help uncover real problems to expose need. I constantly work on sharpening my communication skills to help motivate people to take action to solve their problems. I also, continuously practice helping prospective clients overcome their own objections so they can make better decisions.

However, I cannot sell anything to anyone.

I would not want to.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 12 December, 2011

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