You Have A Referral, How Do You Get Through The Gatekeeper?

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Person making a phonecallI received an interesting question from a lady named Stephanie, who asks, “If I get a referral from someone, how do I explain that to the gatekeeper without sounding too long?”

Referrals are always the best way to get your name known in a company, because you have a specific reason for calling and it is not a dreaded cold-call.

If you know who you want to speak to and you are going to benefit that person, you can get straight to the point with the gatekeeper.

It should go something like this: “Good morning, my name’s Stephanie and I’m from ABC Ltd. I’ve been doing business with (referral) for some time and she asked me to call (Mr Buyer) as she knows we have something of interest for him. Please could you put me through?’

You don’t have to over-elaborate or go into great detail with the gate-keeper. Something short and straight to the point is all that’s necessary.

Here’s something similar…”Hi, this is Stephanie from ABC Ltd. Jo Smith from XYZ asked me to call (Mr Buyer). Could you help me by putting me through to him, please?’

That way, you are getting straight to the point and giving a specific reason for you to be put through to the person you wish to talk to. If the gatekeeper knows Company XYZ, or (even better) Jo Smith from XYZ, they have a good reason to connect you.

There isn’t any real need to go into great detail with the gatekeeper. They are there to filter out calls, but your call is one that doesn’t need to be filtered and you don’t have to ramble on about how you got the referral or how interested the buyer would be in talking to you because you helped the referrer’s business.

No, you just need to make it clear that you have this reason for calling and that the buyer (or your prospect) will benefit from speaking to you.

Hope that helps, Stephanie.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
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Originally published: 9 February, 2011

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