Niche Sales Skills

Here are some examples of specialist
topics that we can run for you.

Niche Sales Skills

Here are some examples of specialist topics that we can run for you.

Niche Sales Skills – Customised Courses

Our customised, niche selling skills courses are for specific industries and products. You will have a niche product/service to sell in a specific way and hence the approach is unique.

These courses are run by industry experts in a fun and engaging way and we will design and deliver the programme using best practices for what and how you sell. We can run these courses as they are or we can customise them to fit your exact requirements and needs. We’ll design and deliver what is right for you and for your intended outcomes.

Each of your sales team will have access to our online sales academy which will help them to embed the learning back at work.

All of our courses are accredited so your sales teams will receive a CPD certification at the end of it.

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Key Features Of Our Niche Sales Skills Courses

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Niche Skills Training Course Examples

Exhibition Sales Training

Exhibition Sales Training

The value of face to face selling at exhibitions is well documented so it is imperative that you plan ahead and train your stand personnel to work harder and smarter than your competitors.

This course is designed to provide you with the essential skills and techniques to plan and manage an effective exhibition stand so that you can set and measure objectives in order to achieve a maximum return on your exhibiting investment.

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Selling Events/Venues

Selling Events/Venues

You’ve got a venue or a number of venues and you want them filled.

It’s a competitive arena that you are working in so your sales skills need to be on point to make your venue the only viable solution.

This programme will enable your events sales team to research, prospect and engage with a variety of event organisers across the UK to initiate the relationship, arrange a site visit and deliver a compelling presentation as to the benefits of hosting their event with you.

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Converting Online Demos

Converting Online Demos

If you sell software which requires you to demo the product/service online then this 1-day course will equip your sales teams with the essential skills and techniques that they need to convert a higher percentage of prospects to clients then they are currently achieving.

Selling through a demo is much more than a “show up and throw up” of your software’s features and benefits.

It’s also much more than just a walkthrough of the main pages of your system.

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Social Selling

Social Selling

The world is changing and the way that our buyers are making their purchasing decisions are changing too.

Most of the prospects and clients that you are selling to are researching online for the products and services that they need and most of them are on LinkedIn so it makes sense that you can fully understand how to use this platform for your advantage.

This course shows you how to prospect and sell using social media.

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All of our in-house, bespoke courses and programmes are CPD Certified.

After we have developed the material for your programme it will go through the CPD Certification process.

What this means is that your sales team will receive a CPD Certificate for your specific course/programme.

All of this is completed with no additional cost.

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