webinar about motivation skills

Motivation Skills Webinar

Motivation Skills Webinar

60 to 120 minute versions available delivered via WebEx/Webinar/Skype


This workshop will provide you with the skills so you can motivate and get the best out of your sales people.

You’ll learn different motivational models and theories and how to apply them in the workplace to create a high performing environment and culture.


By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Describe the different factors that motivate others
  • Understand some of the most common motivational theories
  • Explain what the right environment is to enable high performance to occur
  • Step into the shoes of someone else to see the world through their eyes

Workshop Outline

Duration: 60 or 120 minute versions (including a short break)

Materials: Virtual handouts provided to work through

  • Objectives of this workshop
  • Can you really motivate someone?
  • Creating the right environment to enable high performance
  • What motivates sales people?
  • Motivational theories:
    • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
    • Hertzberg’s two-factor theory
    • McClelland’s need theory
    • McGregor’s participation theory
    • Dan Pink motivation
  • Understanding the world according to others
    • Beliefs and values
    • Representational systems
    • Meta-programmes and preferences
  • How to use all of this to drive and motivate your teams

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Online Webinar

We Can Run This Webinar For Your Company Or Fully Customise It To Meet Your Needs

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Some have 60 to 90 minute webinars and others have sessions that last a day split out into 3 x 90 minute modules. The choice is yours.

Our webinars are run more like virtual classrooms where there is plenty of interaction, polls, discussions, exercises, syndicate work, Q&A and smart whiteboards. Pre-event questionnaires and objectives are sent out to all participants so we understand your individual needs and can factor that into the webinar.

CPD Accreditation

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CPD Certified

The quality of this webinar has been certified by the CPD (Continued Professional Development.) This means that our sales courses in the UK meet their high standards of design and delivery.

All attendees of this webinar will receive a formal certificate from the CPD.

Motivation skills are also covered on our face-to-face selling skills training, telesales training and sales management courses

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