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Key Account Management

Key Account Management

A practical and engaging LIVE Webinar


It has never been more vital to ensure you are maximising on the potential of your key accounts by identifying the short, medium and long-term opportunities for each client.

As an account manager, you will need to plan and prepare who to contact, when to contact them and what you are looking to achieve from each engagement. You will also need to continuously build and develop these relationships to ensure that you remain at the forefront of your customer’s mind.

This 1-day workshop will help you develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours to create an account plan which is going to provide a high level of ROI, build, develop and maintain strong relationships with your clients over time and move beyond the role of “supplier” to become their trusted business partner.

This webinar is accredited by the Institute of Sales Management and is CPD Certified.


By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand the difference between account management and selling
  • Identify who your key accounts are and what their potential is
  • Identify the modern-day account management skills required during and after COVID-19
  • Analyse your accounts to work out how to maximise your time and efforts
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis on your accounts
  • Develop a strategic key account plan for the short, medium and long term
  • Understand how to run an effective account review meeting
  • Identify the Decision Making Units (DMUs) within each account and develop multi-level relationships within these
  • Identify ways you can move beyond a supplier to become their “go to” business partner

Workshop Outline

9.00am – 10.30am
Understanding Key Account Management

  • Defining what makes a key account and what key accounts look like within your business
  • Defining your role as a key account manager – what’s expected of you by your clients and by your company?
  • Understanding and accepting the current COVID-19 situation:
    • Identifying the impacts this will have on your current approach and how you manage accounts
    • Identifying the change in approach needed and aligning this with the skills needed
  • Challenges associated with “selling” and managing accounts during and after COVID-19:
    • Transitioning to remote selling and account management
    • Identifying new ways to connect and engage with your clients

11.30am – 1.00pm
Analysing & Planning For Your Accounts

  • Maximising your business opportunities:
    • Researching and analysing your clients for revenue potential
    • Identifying ways to support your clients during and after COVID-19
  • Conducting SWOT analysis on your client accounts
  • Creating your priority list based on account potential
  • Developing a key account over the long-term:
    • Setting SMART goals for each account
    • Creating an account contact strategy – face to face and remotely, during and after COVID-19
  • Mapping the structure of each account:
    • Identifying your key contacts and the wider Decision Making Unit (DMU)
    • Looking for additional opportunities within each account

2.00pm – 3.30pm
Building & Developing The Relationship

  • Understanding the DNA of a successful account review meeting:
    • What is best practice for conducting these meetings?
  • Influencing and networking across multi-level contacts/DMUs:
    • Gaining introductions and referrals to expand your reach
  • Moving from supplier to business partner status:
    • Identifying the value-added solutions and support you can provide
    • Becoming a Trust Advisor and staying at the forefront of their minds
  • Managing an account over the long-term:
    • What you can do to stay in touch, remain relevant and front of mind – without chasing or pestering your clients!
  • Action planning and making it happen

Your Virtual Facilitators

Profile Stewart

Stewart Bull

95% Feedback Score From Last 20 Webinars

With over 25 years in training and development, Stewart has delivered a range of highly interactive bitesize and ongoing virtual training programmes for global clients focusing on transitioning to virtual selling, developing accounts remotely and social selling skills.

Profile Lisa

Lisa Thompson

98% Feedback Score From Last 20 Webinars

Lisa is an expert in highly engaging and practical virtual training, having delivered application-focused sessions on virtual selling skills, modern day sales processes and consultative selling skills for global clients within retail, pharmaceutical and hotel and leisure.

Upcoming Dates & Booking

2nd September 2020
9.00am – 3.30pm BST

£295 + vat



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Big Impact


Sales Improvement Through COVID-19


I am sat this morning doing final preparations to present to 200 senior leaders within the organisation tomorrow, and find myself referring to your training materials.

We are sharing best practice from the UK on why we have been able to embrace virtual meetings so quickly, as for many this new normal is still not working. A lot of our success is down to the training we have had from MTD.

Everyone has loved your trainer’s down to earth style, the pace of the training, and both the content and delivery. I would highly recommend (and will be doing) that any company that is serious about business, needs to seriously invest in your training.

I will be sharing some of your top tips for successful meetings, as they are so practical – yet so easily overlooked. My colleagues are from international operations, so this practical advice and recommendation will be reaching a long way.

I can also see a very nice sales improvement developing over the last 6 weeks.quote

So a huge thank you please pass on my comments to your senior leadership team. It is important they know just how impactful this has been.

Sue Cunliffe
National Strategic Account Manager
Novo Nordisk


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ISM & CPD Certified

This webinar is accredited with the Institute of Sales Management (ISM) and is also certified by the CPD (Continued Professional Development.) This means that it meets their high standards of design and delivery.

All attendees of this webinar will receive a formal certificate from the ISM and CPD.

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Upcoming Dates & Booking

2nd September 2020
9.00am – 3.30pm BST

£295 + vat


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