virtual selling training session

Virtual Selling Webinar

Virtual Selling Webinar

60 to 120 minute versions available delivered via WebEx/Webinar/Skype


During these times it’s as important as ever to maintain contact and keep the relationship with our prospects and clients going.

While the current situation with COVID-19 continues with no end in sight, we are all having to rethink how we approach our selling.

We are all finding new ways of working and engaging with our colleagues and clients but selling remotely comes with its own challenges! Skills we would usually deploy are no longer available, or are they?

How do we work with our clients to effectively sell over the phone, Skype, Zoom or a webinar?

This webinar will provide you with the skills and techniques to still make sales, just in a different way than before.


By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand the key differences between virtual and physical selling
  • Understand the consultative selling model and why this is even more effective in the current climate
  • Identify the key skills you need to be effective when selling remotely
  • Understand challenges associated with selling remotely and how to overcome them
  • Conduct virtual meetings and presentations online with your prospects and clients

Workshop Outline

Duration: 60 or 120 minute versions (including a short break)

Materials: Virtual handouts provided to work through

Indicative Content

  • Understanding and accepting the current situation:
    • Identifying the impacts this will have on your current approach and how you sell
    • Identifying the change in approach needed and aligning this with the skills needed
  • Challenges associated with “selling” using the telephone and remotely:
    • What are the challenges and how can we overcome them?
  • Understanding the stages of the consultative selling model and how to apply this to virtual selling
    • What are the stages and how do these relate to your company?
    • Planning and preparing for your future sales meetings
  • How to conduct an online virtual meeting
    • Pre-meeting preparation
    • Delivery and key considerations
    • Using the technology
  • Action planning and making it happen

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Online Webinar

We Can Run This Webinar For Your Company Or Fully Customise It To Meet Your Needs

How many staff do you have who need this webinar?

If there are a number of you with the same training requirements then we can customise this sales webinar to cover exactly the topics that you need.

We can then deliver it to your company on a date and time of your choice.

You can also select the duration that is best for your people too.

Some have 60 to 90 minute webinars and others have sessions that last a day split out into 3 x 90 minute modules. The choice is yours.

Our webinars are run more like virtual classrooms where there is plenty of interaction, polls, discussions, exercises, syndicate work, Q&A and smart whiteboards. Pre-event questionnaires and objectives are sent out to all participants so we understand your individual needs and can factor that into the webinar.

Big Impact


Sales Improvement Through COVID-19


I am sat this morning doing final preparations to present to 200 senior leaders within the organisation tomorrow, and find myself referring to your training materials.

We are sharing best practice from the UK on why we have been able to embrace virtual meetings so quickly, as for many this new normal is still not working. A lot of our success is down to the training we have had from MTD.

Everyone has loved your trainer’s down to earth style, the pace of the training, and both the content and delivery. I would highly recommend (and will be doing) that any company that is serious about business, needs to seriously invest in your training.

I will be sharing some of your top tips for successful meetings, as they are so practical – yet so easily overlooked. My colleagues are from international operations, so this practical advice and recommendation will be reaching a long way.

I can also see a very nice sales improvement developing over the last 6 weeks.quote

So a huge thank you please pass on my comments to your senior leadership team. It is important they know just how impactful this has been.

Sue Cunliffe
National Strategic Account Manager
Novo Nordisk

CPD Accreditation

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CPD Certified

The quality of this webinar has been certified by the CPD (Continued Professional Development.) This means that it meets their high standards of design and delivery.

All attendees of this webinar will receive a formal certificate from the CPD.

Webinar Features

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