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Retail Sales Training

Approach, qualify, question, recommend & close
in the RIGHT WAY to maximise their sales!


“Oh, we’re just looking”.

How many times do your sales people hear that fob off!

You see, they only hear that because they ask the wrong question on the approach. We will tell you a little known phrase to use on the approach that makes it just impossible for them to say this again!

This 1-day in-house programme will provide your sales teams with the latest thinking in retail sales.

From what to say on the approach through to closing the deal and looking for up sell and cross sell opportunities, your team will go away from this training day armed with actually phrases to use to help them!

MTD have delivered training for the likes of Waitrose, Porcelanosa, Blue Banana, Tie Rack, Comet, Debenhams, Charles Tyrwhitt, Starbucks and many other retail outlets both large and small.

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The Approach & Greeting

  • The world according to a potential customer – what’s going through their head as they enter your store?
  • What’s going through your head as you see them enter the store?
  • Acknowledging customers you cannot assist immediately

Approaching Customers:

  • The “I know exactly what I want” customer
  • The “I wonder if you can help me?” customer
  • The browsing customer
  • Overcoming “I’m just looking” before it even occurs!
  • Using THREE types of Greetings

The Qualification

  • Questioning and probing to unearth the customer’s real needs and wants

Your Recommendations

  • Matching their needs and wants with your product set
  • Establishing trust
  • Building the value in your products and services
  • Emotion v Logic – understanding the two to help you close the sale
  • Covering FEATURES and BENEFITS
  • How to involve the customer during your interaction

Handling Objections

  • Specific phrases to use to respond to:
    • “I’ll think about”
    • “It costs too much”
    • “Can you do me a deal”
    • “I’ll have to ask my wife/husband”
    • “I’m just looking” (if it comes up!)
    • “XYZ product can do this for me”
    • Others you may come across
  • Isolating the customer’s true objection
  • Anticipating objections so they do not surface in the first place

Closing The Sale

  • Recognising buying signals
  • When and how to ask for the business

Generating Additional Sales & Margin From The Transaction

  • How to identify additional opportunities
  • Add-on sales
  • Up-selling techniques
  • Cross-selling your products

Workshop Summary

  • Key learning points
  • What are you going to do more of, less of, start doing and stop doing?
  • Creating your own unique actions to implement following this session
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All of our in-house, bespoke courses and programmes are CPD Certified.

After we have developed the material for your programme it will go through the CPD Certification process.

What this means is that your sales team will receive a CPD Certificate for your specific course/programme.

All of this is completed with no additional cost.

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