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Improve your sales process, your approach and performance

Looking for ways to improve your
sales process and performance?

At MTD our highly experienced sales consultants can work with you to improve the way that you sell.

This goes far beyond just improving the ability of your sales people.

Improving your sales performance is based around your:

Red tick Sales strategy
Red tick Selling proposition
Red tick Sales process
Red tick Marketing messages
Red tick Positioning
Red tick Benchmarking
Red tick Marketing
Red tick Channel strategy
Red tick Operation
Red tick Competitors
Red tick Seasonaility
Red tick Product features
Red tick Produce benefits
Red tick Management information
Red tick Technology
Red tick Sources of leads
Red tick Administration
Red tick Brochureware
Red tick Website
Red tick Staff recruitment
Red tick Follow-up
Red tick Training
Red tick Ongoing support

The list goes on!


Example – Reviewing Your Sales Process

A sales process is a “blueprint” that identifies a logical sequence of activities that are consistently implemented from prospecting through to closing, and support.

The blueprint identifies key issues such as what you’re selling and to whom, how you sell, what activities are required to move the prospect through the pipeline, what is their sequence, and how do you measure your success.

The key to improving sales effectiveness across the business is to model best practice into a scalable, repeatable, and sustainable process.

Our sales consultants will work closely with you and your team to improve your sales process based on best practices and proven performance.

An example of what you could expect to receive would be:

  • Current State Assessment Report – this report details what currently works well and the areas for improvement. The report will make recommendations for improving the sales process at every level that makes it easy to understand and implement.
  • Sales Process Overview And Mapping Report that:
    • Defines the key selling stages and what they look like
    • Defines the key deliverables/output required at each stage
    • Documents what the best practices are at each stage
    • Identifies ways of how to implement the best practices
    • Define roles and responsibilities for each selling activity
    • Review the current skill levels, training and calibre of staff against the sales process
    • Identify the key training and development needs against the sales process


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