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Online Sales Training Designed
Around Your Exact Requirements

Providing customised online sales training for your team can be a highly effective and cost efficient way to improve their selling skills.

Don’t think that eLearning is just “show and tell”. Instead, our solutions ensure that the content is delivered in an engaging manner which is centred on the application of learning rather than just long, boring powerpoints with voiceovers.

We also design our programmes with mobile, tablet and desktop in mind. After all, you should be able to learn whenever and wherever you like.

Customised Online Sales Training

We can work with you to create customised content based around how you sell and what you sell.

This can be a combination of video, audio, animation, role plays and many other eLearning approaches that we use to captivate your sales people.


Some of the work we have competed range from 20 x 15 minute sessions through to 40 x 5 minute sessions. We’re completely flexible and can cater to any design and structural requirements you may have.

All of our customised online solutions are designed to engage your staff.

We use quizzes, interactive role plays and assessments to keep their interest and to help them confirm their understanding.

We can design your online sessions using your colours, style and branding guidelines




Online Sales Training Academies

We have worked with scores of organisations to create their own branded sales academy.

This can consist of customised sessions that we have created specifically for them or by branding our own off-the-shelf online training sessions with their logo.

Some have a mixture of the two. In addition to this the academy can include audios, infographics, checklists, manuals – you name it! We’ve practically done it all!




Fully Blended Sales Programmes

If you want to mix and match a workshop based programme with online sessions then we have a great deal of experience with this. The online sessions can complement the face to face training or they can be used to help to embed the learning back in the workplace.




Mobile & Tablet Specific Sales Courses

We can create smartphone and tablet specific sales training programmes. Many sales people use these devices rather than their desktops so training designed specifically for these devices always go down well.




Product Launch eLearning

If you have got a product or a service that you are launching to your staff at scale then face to face training might not be the most cost effective method for you to get the learning across.

An added advantage of creating online sessions for this is that you’ll always have the sessions for any new staff that you’ll employ in the future and hence can use the content forever.




Animation Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are a different way to get your messages and learning across.

They can be used to explain a product or a service or to cover training content.These sessions work best when they are between 1 and 3 minutes in duration.

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