The Simplest And Easiest Way To Position Your Product Ahead Of The Competition! 

Here’s a short sales quiz that will get you thinking!

Answer the following three questions below and say out aloud the first things that come into your head..

Here goes:

1. Name a brand of blue jeans.

2. Name a hamburger fast food restaurant.

3. Name a supermarket chain?

Are you done?

Here’s what I think you answered:

Scroll down for the answers!

1. Levi’s

2. McDonald’s

3. Tesco

Am I really a mind reader?

Well, sorry to disappoint you -but I’m not.

I’m just using that quiz as an example to demonstrate something to you that “you need to get”.

Before I do that, I want you to try another quick experiment that will prove that what I’m about to say is true. Take a look at the following logo:

Okay, what’s the first thing you thought of when you looked at this hybrid logo?

Did you look twice?

You’ve got to admit your mind read “Starbucks Coffee” instead of “Stardusts Coffee,” right?


This is because the Starbucks Coffee logo is deeply engraved in your subconscious.

Take a moment to imagine what kind of success your business would have if your product or service were similarly imprinted into your customers’ minds.

The answer is to create a Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

The other week I was running a sales course for a company and during the course we reviewed what was making their business so different to their competition.

Do you know what? They couldn’t tell me.

“Tell me why I should buy your products instead of XYZ down the road?” I asked

There was as stunned silence!

That was through no fault of their own – after all, their area of expertise was in IT software not sales – that’s why I was there!

You see, every business and every product needs a USP which means Unique Selling Proposition.

A USP is your main selling point, something that distinguishes your business and the product that you are selling from your rivals.

Here are some USP examples:

“We are the only company in the UK that sells widgets and that offers a LIFETIME guarantee”

“We are the ONLY supplier of widgets in the UK”

“Our products go through 24 individual quality checks before they are placed on our shelves”

“We are the only company that offers a free initial consultation with every purchase of Widget A”

Your USP should be used as part of your sales pitch.

What is your USP?

Do you have one?

Set about looking at what makes your business and products different to the rest – your clients will be tired of hearing the same old BS from everyone so make yourself different!

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Take care


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