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How To Deal With A Stall In Negotiations

When you get to a point in the conversation with a customer where you have to negotiate on price or some other issue, remember one thing: the vast majority of negotiations occur because you haven’t identified the value of doing business with you earlier in the conversation. I have found that if you uncover the needs, wants, desires ad motivations…

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How To Overcome The Prospect Who Needs To ‘Cut Costs’

When negotiating with a client recently, I noticed she was often coming back to the issue of pricing for our services, trying to get me to reduce the fees for some specific services we were offering. Now, I realise that, although MTD are tried and trusted with many clients, new prospects haven’t had the opportunity to see how we can…

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Negotiation Tactics To Look Out For: “The Nibble”

You’re nearly there. The sale is drawing to a close and you’ve been negotiating back and forth. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel and finally the relief comes over you as they say “Right, let’s do this” But at that very moment when your adrenalin is pumping and your body is being flooded with emotions…

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This Subtle Shift Can Make A Real Difference In Negotiations

When it comes to negotiating, many salespeople worry about their ability to get the best price for their products while still offering the prospect the terms and conditions that they would see as a ‘good deal’. Often, negotiating in the real world involves giving away more than you receive, conceding more than you trade. Few salespeople realise the subtle ways…

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A Powerful Foundation For Successful Negotiation

Effective negotiating can entail a plethora of ideas, actions and techniques, primarily because the scope of negotiating can change dramatically from industry to industry. However, here is a foundational platform, or a framework you can use to help in almost any negotiating arena. NEGOTIATING TO GET A HIGHER PRICE When negotiating to get the higher price, to close the deal…

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How To Reduce Your Price Without Reducing The Value

Once in a while, (and it really should be just once in a while,) there comes the time when you absolutely have to lower your price to close the sale. While this may seem like a simple and easy operation, it is something that sales people mess up all the time. Done correctly, a “small price drop” can indeed help…

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Sales Summit 2011 – Where Straight Talking, Bare-Knuckle Negotiating, Magic And Mystery Stole The Show

Hi all, It’s Louise here again, filling you in on the latest news from the MTD HQ. November has been a very busy month for Sean and the team as we held our first ever Sales Summit recently! MTD’s MD Sean McPheat has had many successful experiences keynoting at business events and conferences across the country, and he thought it…

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Adopt Strong Negotiating Skills

Often, people will prepare their positions effectively before going into a negotiation, but find that they haven’t determined adequately enough what the other party’s perspective will be, and so create problems for themselves in the process. Here are some strong negotiating skills that will help you progress quickly and effectively through the process: Make sure you keep the person and the negotiating…

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Improve Your Negotiation Skills

Of all the skills you probably need to develop most as a successful salesperson, but actually practice least, is the skill and art of negotiating to a collaborative conclusion. This may be because you think it has to be done in front of the client, and any practice would never prepare you for the real situation. But you can prepare…

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Ethical Bribes Do Work In Sales!

Just before Christmas, I received a really good question from Stuart who asked: “I am a manufacturer sales person and my products are sold through distribution to customers, who then convert them into the finished product for their customer – the eventually end users. We are going through a process of trying to get our product spec’d by the eventually…

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