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Level The Playing Field For A Great Sales Contest

  Launching a successful Sales Contest isn’t just about the prizes or the thrill of competition. Even with the best Sales Training, if the contest isn’t designed effectively, it can demotivate rather than inspire. Crafting the right contest requires an […]

Enhancing Sales Team Collaboration and Communication

  In today’s competitive market, mastering Sales Team Collaboration and Communication is pivotal for achieving success. Effective teamwork and clear communication not only streamline operations but also drive better results. Many organisations incorporate these principles into their Sales Training, ensuring […]

The Power of Sales Forecasting and Predictive Analytics

  Sales Forecasting and Predictive Analytics are revolutionising the sales landscape. These twin pillars not only offer a glimpse into the future of sales but also equip businesses with tools to be more proactive, so mastering these techniques are essential. […]

21 Ways to Increase Sales Volume

  Boosting sales is a universal goal for businesses, and the desire to increase sales volume remains at the forefront of this mission. This essential metric, however, is not just about selling more. It’s about understanding market dynamics, fine-tuning strategies, […]

21 Sales Prospecting Techniques (Easy to implement)

  Sales prospecting techniques can transform an average salesperson into an exceptional one. At the heart of any successful sales career lies the ability to identify and pursue potential customers effectively. While the techniques may evolve, the principles remain rooted […]

The Ultimate Guide to Storytelling in Sales

  Mastering storytelling in sales can transform a routine pitch into a compelling tale that captivates and convinces. In the dynamic world of sales, storytelling goes beyond just narrating an account. It’s about weaving a persuasive narrative that resonates with […]

Using Value-Based Sales Conversations to Win Deals

  Navigating the world of value-based sales conversations is transforming the way deals are sealed. In an era where customers are more informed and discerning, the essence of a conversation can make or break a sale. It’s no longer just […]

The Essential Guide to Transactional Selling (with examples)

  Transactional Selling emphasises closing deals quickly, focusing on the customer’s immediate needs, and offering solutions that provide instant value. Whether you’re a seasoned sales professional or a beginner, understanding the ins and outs of transactional selling can help you […]

8 Sales Fundamentals For Beginners

  “Sales Fundamentals for Beginners” serves as your quintessential guide, constructed to equip you with the knowledge essential to excel in the art of selling! Whether you’re embarking on your initial journey into the sales domain or you’re a seasoned […]

What Are The Benefits of a CRM System and Software?

  In today’s competitive business landscape, understanding the benefits of a customer relationship management (CRM) system is crucial. Many organisations invest in sales training, which is a great start, but without an effective CRM system, these efforts can fall short. […]

10 Relationship Selling Examples

  Relationship selling, also commonly known as consultative sales or trust-based selling, is a sales technique that uses relationship building to close deals. The best sales techniques are based on building a connection with the customer, creating an atmosphere of […]

Top Tips For Hiring A Sales Team

  Hiring a sales team is a unique game – it’s less about the resume and more about the grit. Unearthing those potential star performers, despite lack of experience or fancy credentials, is no easy task. Sales demand unique, often […]

Door to Door Sales Scripts That Work

  Door-to-door selling is a beast! It’s like dropping in uninvited, trying to catch the attention of a busy, potentially uninterested buyer.It might just be the toughest sales gig out there… Most people don’t like receiving telesales calls, never mind […]

Cold Calling Vs Warm Calling (Is There A Winner?)

  The age-old debate of cold calling vs warm calling has been a topic of discussion amongst sales professionals for years. But which calling strategy is better? Cold calling and warm calling both have their advantages and disadvantages and in […]

What Are Good Customer Service Skills?

  Having good customer service is the hallmark of any successful business. But how can you deliver good customer service? The answer is that you need to ensure you have the relevant customer service skills to provide an excellent experience […]

What Is A Sales Funnel & The Main Funnel Stages?

  Ever come across terms like “Sales Funnel” or “Main Funnel Stages” and found yourself a tad puzzled? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! In this blog, we’ll dissect these buzzwords, providing a comprehensive guide to the inner workings of a […]

12 Sales Pipeline Management Best Practices

In the highly competitive world of sales, managing your sales pipeline efficiently and effectively is critical to the success of any organisation. We always stress in our Sales Training, that a well-managed sales pipeline can help you identify areas for […]

What is Inside Sales? The Ultimate Guide

  Inside sales has really taken off in the past few years. In part because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s become a big deal in the business world – giving traditional selling methods a serious run for their money! […]

90 Telesales Interview Questions & Answers

  Looking for telesales interview questions to prepare for your upcoming interviews? This guide will serve as a shortcut for you whether you are recruiting and need telesales interview questions to ask candidates, or if you are a candidate wanting […]

13 Ways To Increase Sales Productivity

  In today’s fast-paced business world, increasing sales productivity is crucial to achieving success. There are various ways to boost your sales productivity, and by utilising the right tools, implementing effective Sales Training strategies and adopting a growth-oriented mindset, you’ll […]

13 Steps For Creating Your Sales Strategy Presentation

  An effective Sales Strategy Presentation is a valuable tool for showcasing how you’re planning to align your sales strategy (and team) with your company’s vision and goals. But where do you start when it comes to putting one together? […]

24 Sales KPIs for Sales Teams to Measure

  As sales directors or sales managers, we all think we know what success looks like. However, there are numerous different ways to measure success, represented by different Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Much depends on whether you are measuring the […]

Social Selling on LinkedIn – The Beginners Guide

  Social selling on LinkedIn has now taken over the mantle as one of the most effective types of selling in the modern-day era. Long gone are the days when the only option a salesperson had was to make 100 […]

Value-Based Selling – The Beginners Guide

  Have you ever heard of value-based selling and how to implement it? The clue is in the title. I’m sure you’ve always been told to sell value and to raise the perceived value of your products and services when […]

18 Sales Incentive Ideas to Drive Performance

  Modern day sales managers and sales directors are always thinking of how they can increase sales team motivation and sales performance. They are forever looking for new sales incentive ideas to run to drive sales. When you initially think […]

The Essential Guide to Sales Battlecards

  Most salespeople do not know what a Sales Battlecard is. But those that do know and use them, tell us that they are a vital tool to help them sell more effectively. Did you ever use flashcards when studying? […]

34 Sales Discovery Questions To Get Your Prospect Talking

  If you want better answers, ask better sales questions — especially early in the sales process when you’re trying to create rapport with a potential customer or client. When you ask the right kinds of questions during discovery calls, […]

47 Competitors & Alternatives to Salesforce (Free & Paid)

  When it comes to discussing CRM systems, Salesforce is never far away because it’s one of the most well known in the industry with over 150,000 different organisations using the software around the world. We’re no different here at […]

Is a Career in Sales right for you?

  A career in sales isn’t for everyone. It requires a particular combination of skills and abilities, and a certain goal-orientated attitude. A sales career rewards hard work and the regular achievement of targets. It can be demanding and requires […]

Target Account Selling (TAS) – What it is & how to make it work

  Target Account Selling is a process where you prioritise and focus your sales efforts on a specific group of customers that are more likely to generate the greatest amount of revenue. TAS aims to increase win rates, deal sizes, […]

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