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How To Handle And Deal With Rejection In Sales

  A salesperson with a fear of rejection is like a lifeguard with a fear of water. It is a serious problem. Although, faced with a constant flow of rejection, absorbing one “No” after another, it is only understandable to […]

69 Inspirational Sales Quotes That Will Keep You Going

  We all love an inspirational sales quote to keep us going. Whether it’s to help us get over a sales slump or to help keep us motivated when on top, I always find them to be very useful. A […]

How To Oversee, Cultivate & Maintain Your Accounts

  So, you’ve located the prospect, qualified the lead, made the contact, secured the appointment, made the presentation, presented the proposal, asked for the sale and finally closed the business. You now have a customer; that is someone who has […]

How To Be Really Good At Telesales

  Telesales is still one of the most popular and effective sales strategies for selling products or services, setting appointments, or telemarketing. However, being good at telesales requires practice, determination, a strong understanding of consumer psychology, and an awareness of […]

Top 5 Ways To Gain More Repeat Business

  Don’t you just love it when one of your customers places a follow-up order? Or you get that call and the customer says they’d like a repeat of what they had from you before? The great feelings flow through […]

What Is A Sales Budget? (And How To Prepare One)

  A sales budget is a critical element in any business. It’s hard to understand how much money you’ll make without a budget. And it’s even more challenging to plan when you don’t know your income. This guide will help […]

Handle the “No thanks I’m Just Looking” Objection

  It is incredible that three mere words from a total stranger will often create fear, frustration, and feebleness in some of the most experienced retail salespeople. The extremely common response of “I’m just looking” from a prospective customer, causes […]

8 Reasons Why Companies Lose Customers

  How many customers have you lost in the past year or two? Are you certain of that number? How many have simply stopped buying from you, but you don’t know it? Remember; people don’t stop buying, they just stop […]

5 Steps To Nail A Sales Interview

  Sales interviews are often a nerve-wracking prospect, especially if it’s a job you’d really love! Don’t be daunted by the prospect, as a salesperson you’re in the perfect position to smash it – just treat your interview as a […]

How To Develop An Account Management Strategy

  Let’s face it, your customers are your business’s most valuable asset. In simple terms, the more they buy, the more money you’ll make. The thing is, about 20% of your customers will generate about 80% of your revenue. So, […]

Why Is Body Language Important In Sales?

  This blog post has a dual purpose. Not only will it help you in making sure that your own body language is on point, but it will also help you to read the body language of your prospects and […]

Key Professional Sales Skills You Must Master

  What does it take to be a successful sales professional? It’s a question we get asked a lot on our Sales Training. Our answer is always the same. It’s a case of having the skill and the will to […]

Sales Pitch Tips To Ace That Presentation

  If your sales process includes a sales pitch at some time or another than chances are you’ve been shortlisted somehow. Our Sales Presentation Training is very popular because it covers the technique, the preparation and the all-important, how to […]

The 10 Best Sales Movies You MUST Watch

  We’re big film fans in the office and any new salesperson (or member of staff come to that) that starts with MTD, I always grill them as to the movies they’ve seen about sales. “Have you watched Glengarry Glen […]

Practical Sales Team Motivation Ideas

  “How do I motivate my sales team who are remote, or field based?” It’s a question our trainers get asked a lot and is a very popular topic in our Sales Management Training that we delivery. I know many […]

What Is The Solution Selling Methodology?

  The solution selling methodology is just one type of selling. There are many others! So, what is it and how can you do it? Definition Of Solution Selling In answer, let me start with the word itself. Merriam-Webster defines […]

How To Set A Sales Target

  Every successful salesperson that I have encountered has always worked towards a sales target. Either this has been given to them by their sales manager or they have created it themselves. As salespeople it’s in our DNA to achieve […]

How To Get Out Of A Sales Slump

  We hear the term “Sales Slump” all the time on our Sales Training Courses. Salespeople rock up to our courses either to improve their skills or because they are in trouble with their sales figures. What’s your definition of […]

How To Overcome The 10 Hardest Sales Objections

Objections occur for many reasons. Maybe you haven’t built up the value of your solution. It could be the buyer has a similar solution and doesn’t want to change. Or they don’t trust that your products are right for them […]

Post Sales Follow Up & Managing The Account

  One of the reasons so many sales people have trouble committing to after sales service and follow up is because they cannot see the return on their investment. Many people feel that once the sale is closed and the […]

What Makes A Good Sales Manager?

  A Good Sales Manager Does These 8 Things Every sales manager, supervisor, director or otherwise frontline sales team leader, wants to have and develop a great sales force. Everyone wants to have a sales team made up of superstar […]

Successful Cold Calling Tips & Examples

  If you know anything about me and the Sales Training we provide, then you know that I do not subscribe to the theory of a canned cold calling sales script as such. A framework, yes. But not a word […]

What Do Great Sales Managers Do?

  How come so many sales managers who are highly intelligent and experienced are still unable to motivate their teams to achieve great results? What happens to great salespeople so that when they become sales managers they fall by the […]

How To Run A Successful Sales Team

  There’s a lot to running a successful sales team. You can think of managing sales performance, coaching, leadership, motivation, and a whole host of other things. For the purposes of this blog, I’d like to focus on 3 areas. […]

What Is The Sales Velocity Formula?

Sales… ”The act of transaction between two or more parties where goods and services are exchanged for payment” Velocity… ”The speed of something in a common direction” You may have heard of the term ‘Sales Velocity Formula’ and even discussed […]

Boost Your Sales Via Virtual Connections

Boosting Sales With Personal Connections in the Virtual World “People do business with people. Companies don’t solve problems. People do.” The quote from Shep Hyken, a customer experience expert, effectively sums up the human nature of business relationships. Yes, customers […]

Using Sales Questions To Unearth The Real Issues

Some interesting studies by Dartnell Research estimated that prospects and customers do not verbalise their problems and concerns in around 80% of conversations. This means that you as the salesperson may not be able to ascertain the real challenges the […]

Why Sales Negotiation Skills Are Important

Before we do a deep dive into the world of negotiation skills, let me first ask you a quick question; Do you remember when you were a kid and you wanted to stay over at a friend’s house? You may […]

5 Sales Coaching Models To Use Instead Of GROW

In my opinion, coaching is one of the best ways to tap into the potential of your team members. If you have coached teams or individuals before, you’ll know the value of devoting time and effort to improving someone’s performance […]

450 Probing Sales Questions To Ask

THE IMPORTANCE OF… Sales Questions The quality of the sales questions that you ask your prospects and customers will ultimately determine how successful you are in your sales career. Almost everything in your sales role focuses around asking quality questions […]

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