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47 Competitors & Alternatives to Salesforce (Free & Paid)

  When it comes to discussing CRM systems, Salesforce is never far away because it’s one of the most well known in the industry with over 150,000 different organisations using the software around the world. We’re no different here at […]

Is a Career in Sales right for you?

  A career in sales isn’t for everyone. It requires a particular combination of skills and abilities, and a certain goal-orientated attitude. A sales career rewards hard work and the regular achievement of targets. It can be demanding and requires […]

Target Account Selling (TAS) – What it is & how to make it work

  Target Account Selling is a process where you prioritise and focus your sales efforts on a specific group of customers that are more likely to generate the greatest amount of revenue. TAS aims to increase win rates, deal sizes, […]

People Buy from People (Truth or Legend?)

  Do you still need to like someone to do business with them or not? Is it a case of buying the person first and the product or service, second? Or have times changed as long you get the desired […]

60 Funny Sales Memes To Keep Your Sales Team Going

  You work in sales, so you need a sense of humour, right? I’ve lost count of the number of funny sales memes I’ve sent my sales team over the years. They lighten the load in what is normally a […]

90 Telesales Interview Questions & Answers

  Looking for telesales interview questions to prepare for your upcoming interviews? This guide will serve as a shortcut for you whether you are recruiting and need telesales interview questions to ask candidates, or if you are a candidate wanting […]

132 Sales Manager Job Interview Questions

  We know you’re looking for sales manager interview questions and coming across this guide you’re most likely in one of two camps. You’re either recruiting and are looking for some questions that you can ask a candidate at a […]

What does the Consultative Sales Approach mean?

  “I’d like my sales team to use the consultative selling approach,” said the Sales Director. It’s a request we get asked a lot when we’re approached to deliver Sales Training Courses for an organisation. Why is this? Well, the […]

15 Ways To Gain More Repeat Business

  Don’t you just love it when one of your customers places a follow-up order? How about when you get a call from a customer saying they’d like a repeat of what they got from you before? Nothing compares to […]

The Implications Of Integrative Negotiation

Have you heard of the term integrative negotiation? Unless you’ve attended a Sales Negotiation Training Course you probably haven’t because it’s not a term used often but it’s a concept that can take your negotiating skills onto the next level. […]

25 Sales Team Leadership Tips

  Managing a sales team is both rewarding and challenging. Not only do you need to manage the sales performance process, but you also must lead, inspire, and motivate your people as well. Some sales managers are great at the […]

What is BATNA in negotiation and why is it so important?

  As a modern-day salesperson have you ever found yourself in the position where your prospect or client has flat out refused to accept your deal, price, or agreement? I’m positive you have. They either want a discount or terms […]

5 Steps To Nail A Sales Interview

  Sales interviews are often a nerve-wracking prospect, especially if it’s a job you’d really love! Don’t be daunted by the prospect, as a salesperson you’re in the perfect position to smash it – just treat your interview as a […]

How To Differentiate Between What the Customer Wants & Needs

  Do you know what the difference is between a need and a want? A lot of people think that they are the same, but they are different. When selling it’s important that you understand the difference between needs and […]

21 Effective Sales Coaching Techniques

  One of the key skills that any sales manager, head of sales or director of sales can master is the art of Sales Coaching. The bottom line is that it’s all about sales improvement. So, let’s look at what […]

The 5 Stages of The Negotiation Process

  Masterful negotiation is a cornerstone for sales success. Calling a negotiation successful requires two things to occur in tandem. You need to get the other party to agree to your terms, and the other party should leave the table […]

How To Be A Successful Business Development Manager

  Business Development Managers (BDM) are one of the lynchpins of corporate success. It is their responsibility to grow business opportunities, chiefly by using sales and marketing strategies and by employing teams to pursue leads and convert prospects. But exactly, […]

What Is A Sales Process And How To Improve It

  Sales is a complicated, never-ending process of building relationships with prospects, building trust, asking probing sales questions, lots of listening and moving the whole procedure through to the commitment stage and ultimately asking for the sale or order. Your […]

45 Trade Show Booth Ideas and Tips

Let’s face it – trade shows can be both a blessing and a curse. Get them right and you could collect a horde of potential clients or business contacts in a matter of days. Get them wrong and you’re going […]

171 Sales Director Interview Questions

  The Sales Director role is considered to be the lifeblood of many companies because of the strategic and operational role they play in the success of the business. Recruiting for the role can be a painstaking experience, especially when there are […]

What is Inside Sales? The Ultimate Guide

  It’s fair to say that inside sales is experiencing something of a meteoric rise at present, in part because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Between 2016 and 2021, according to Statista, worldwide ecommerce experienced a CAGR of 21.93%, and this […]

Coffee’s For Closers Speech

  I think we’ve all watched those sales movies that either act as a lesson or a warning when it comes to sales and business in general. I’m thinking of Gordon Gecko in Wall Street and his “Greed is good” […]

You STILL Need To Sell The Sizzle, Not The Steak

We’ve all heard the adage, sell the sizzle, not the steak. However, I often wonder if some salespeople truly understand the concept. Let’s look at what sell the sizzle, not the steak means and how you can apply it to […]

How to Create a Sales Plan (with Examples)

  Creating an effective and realistic sales plan is a crucial process which aligns the work of your sales teams with the company’s overall objectives. It gives shape and focus to your sales executives’ efforts, identifies key goals and targets, […]

17 Icebreakers for Sales Meetings (under 15 minutes each)

  Before I cover some icebreakers that you can use during your sales meetings, let me ask you a quick question; Do you enjoy the sales meetings that you run? As a sales manager they are one of the most […]

Door to Door Sales Scripts That Work

  Selling door to door is tough. In my opinion it’s the hardest type of sale there is. You’re normally calling unannounced, to an unqualified buyer and disturbing them right in the middle of something. Most people don’t like receiving […]

135 Catchy Sales Email Subject Lines That Get Opened

  If you work in sales, then you will know how important it is to get people to open your sales emails. It’s hard though, isn’t it? Sometimes you may feel as though you are banging your head against the […]

Top Tips For Hiring A Sales Team

  Finding and hiring good salespeople is difficult in any industry. However, hiring a top sales team presents a plethora of unique challenges for the sales manager not found when hiring any other employee demographic. The main reason is that […]

How To Handle And Deal With Rejection In Sales

  A salesperson with a fear of rejection is like a lifeguard with a fear of water. It is a serious problem. Although, faced with a constant flow of rejection, absorbing one “No” after another, it is only understandable to […]

69 Inspirational Sales Quotes That Will Keep You Going

  We all love an inspirational sales quote to keep us going. Whether it’s to help us get over a sales slump or to help keep us motivated when on top, I always find them to be very useful. A […]

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