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Courses & Programmes

Sales Training Courses & Programmes

We Help Sales People To Sell More, More Often & At Better Margins.
4x Award Winners. 7,500+ Clients. 96% Feedback Score. ROI 27%.
Open Sales Courses

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Different locations around the country.
Face to face & telephone. 96% feedback rating.

In-House Sales Training

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Bespoke training. Custom design & delivery. Unrivalled tools to help embed the learning.

Sales Training Courses

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From beginner through to advanced, we offer a full range of sales training courses that are delivered at different locations across the UK.

Our sales courses are focused on providing you with the skills, techniques and behaviours that will have a real impact on your sales results and we offer you unrivalled levels of post-course support while you are implementing what you have learnt.

All of our courses are accredited with the Institute Of Sales Management (ISM) so you will receive a formal ISM certification at the end of your course.

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In-House Sales Training

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We can design and deliver a completely bespoke training course or on-going sales training programme based around your exact requirements.

It’s important that the training is centred around what you sell and how you sell it.

Providing your sales teams with the very latest tools, approaches and techniques for them to win more business and to farm their existing accounts more effectively.

The credibility of the trainer that we will use for your training is vitally important.

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Online Sales Training

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If you’re looking for a standalone online solution or as part of a blended programme then we can help you.

We have created hundreds of online sales training solutions for likes of Virgin, Allianz and XEROX.

Your options include fully customised online courses through to webinars and digital resources.

Each of our solutions are engaging, practical and fun and are designed in a user friendly way to ensure maximum participation.

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Sales Assessment

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We offer two types of sales assessment.

Choose from our competency or personality based assessments from our comprehensive library.

Our competency based assessments have been created using the benchmarks set by the National Occupation Standards and from the Institute Of Sales Management for each sales role.

We can also benchmark your sales team using your own competency framework if you have one.

We also offer several personality assessments which tap into the motivation, mindset and behaviours of your sales people to determine how they do their job, will they be successful and why they love to do it!

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