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Sales Management Training

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Sales Management Training Course

Course Overview

As a sales manager, you face the daunting task of leading a team of professionals, newcomers, or a combination thereof to achieve top performance. This can be an overwhelming responsibility that begs the questions: Where do you begin? How can you motivate your team to sell? What is the best strategy for setting challenging, yet achievable sales targets? And how do you build the skills of your team while earning their respect?

Our 2-Day Sales Management Training workshop is designed to provide the answers to these critical questions and more. Through our comprehensive course, you will acquire the skills necessary for successful sales management and leadership. This course is grounded in practical strategies and real-world scenarios that will allow you to motivate your team, establish challenging goals, and develop the skills of each individual member of your team.

Upon completion of the workshop, you will receive a “Professional Sales Manager” certificate from the prestigious Institute of Sales Management.

The course is also CPD Certified, providing you with an opportunity to receive a CPD Certificate at no additional cost. As a sales manager, you know that the importance of professional development cannot be overstated, and this certification serves as a testament to your commitment to advancing your career.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a new sales manager, our Sales Management Training workshop is an excellent investment in your success. Take the first step towards becoming a top-performing sales manager and leading your team to success.

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Who Will Benefit From Our Sales Management Course?

  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Leaders
  • Sales Directors
  • Head Of Sales


What Will You Gain From The Course?

  • Learn how to earn the trust and respect of your team
  • Learn how to increase your team’s productivity through learning effective sales training and coaching skills
  • Learn the duties and the role of a successful sales manager
  • Learn how to set targets and objectives with your people
  • Learn how to set up and run effective sales meetings
  • Learn how to motivate different personality types
  • Learn how to foster a team spirit of high performance
  • Learn how to coach your sales team
  • Learn how to settle disputes and disagreements in your team
  • Learn effective management skills
  • Learn how to put together a sales plan that guarantees success



Sales Management Training Course Agenda

Day 1

Introduction & Objectives

What Makes An Effective Sales Manager?

  • Learn the difference between sales management and sales leadership.
  • Understand the key responsibilities of a sales manager.
  • Learn what makes an outstanding sales manager and what you should and should not be doing.

Exploring Your Sales Managerial Style & Potential

  • Take a managerial assessment to determine your preferred sales management style and its implications for your sales team.

Communication & Influencing Skills

  • Learn how to communicate in a clear, concise, and positive manner with your sales team.
  • Understand the importance of non-verbal communication and how to influence others to see your point of view effectively.

Sales Coaching & Feedback Skills

  • Learn how to sales coach and give feedback to your sales teams.
  • Understand different models of sales coaching and how to give positive and constructive feedback to fit the situation, such as formal coaching sessions, on-the-job sales coaching, and reviews.


Day 2

Recap & The Day Ahead

Managing Sales Performance

  • Learn how to set sales goals, objectives, and development plans for your staff.
  • Understand how to review sales performance and manage under-performers.
  • Learn how to deal with difficult people in an effective manner.
  • Learn how to keep high sales achievers motivated.

How To Run Highly Effective Sales Meetings

  • Learn how to structure your sales meetings for maximum productivity and focus.
  • Understand how to analyse figures and brainstorm new approaches.

Building High Performance Sales Teams

  • Learn how to gel all the members in your sales team to work together and exceed targets.

Motivation Skills & Understanding Others

  • Learn how to elicit your sales team’s motivations, values, and beliefs.
  • Understand how to tailor your communications to motivate them to do an outstanding job in all that they do.



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Location Hiltongarden
Coventry Centre
Location Central London
Course information

The course fees are £495 + vat.

The Sales Management Skills Course is a formally endorsed qualification by the ISM and is also CPD Certified.

Upon attending the course you will receive the “Professional Sales Manager” certificate from the ISM and a CPD certificate.

Start/Finish Times

Start: 9.30am

Finish: 4.30 – 5.00pm

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Included Within The Registration Fee:

  • Course manual
  • Course materials
  • Buffet lunch
  • Servings of tea and coffee throughout the day
  • ISM “Professional Sales Manager” certificate & CPD certificate
  • Unlimited email and telephone support from your trainer after the course

Please click on BOOK NOW below to reserve your place. We will then confirm the booking through email and will send you the joining instructions and invoice.

On-Going Support After The Workshop

After we have delivered your programme we do not just shake hands and take your money. We like to offer you some ongoing support.

Included within the cost are the following unique support options that are available to you.


Sales Management Training FAQs

What is sales management?

Sales management can mean several different things to different organisations and sectors, so it’s important that you understand what this term means in your own company.

In its most literal sense, sales management is the process used to manage all revenue generated by a company – from how the lead is generated, to the steps of the sales process that moves the sale through the pipeline and can include what happens to business after it is won.

Some sales managers will be responsible for managing themselves, their own sales, and their own pipeline – but others will be responsible for managing and motivating a sales team or a sales department, and even have responsibility for the overarching sales strategy for the company.

It’s also important to note that some sales managers will have responsibility for selling and managing their own sales pipeline, as well as managing a sales force or whole department.

MTD’s Sales Management Skills course is designed to support those who manage salespeople or a sales team and are therefore responsible for managing people and driving sales performance for their business.

Why is sales management important?

Sales management is an integral function of any successful business.

Without a clear sales strategy of how to win new business and maximise existing business which aligns with what your marketplace and client base want and need – and is driven by a knowledgeable, skilful, and highly motivated sales team – the company won’t be able to grow and succeed.

The world and the marketplaces in which we operate are constantly changing, so it is an important part of the sales manager’s role to be aware of these changes and adjust the strategy accordingly.

A successful sales manager will be able to set realistic and achievable individual, team and company targets and create an effective plan to achieve these. All of us in sales, if we are to be truly successful, must recognise the need for sales planning and be able to produce a sales plan for ourselves whether as salesperson, or sales manager.

They will be able to support each sales rep in developing the sales techniques required to be successful in the role and will be able to motivate their team to achieve and even exceed these targets.

Truly effective sales managers will also consistently revisit the sales process for their team, to identify ways that this can be improved. By looking at the quality of the leads being generated, the conversion rates of each team member across each stage of the sales process and analysing the performance data of the team to identify was to improve efficiency and address any potential bottlenecks, sales managers provide a vital role in their company’s success. They should not only aspire to just set sales targets but they should exceed them as well.

What are the qualities of a top sales manager?

Whether you are new to the role or are an experienced sales manager, it’s important that you understand what sets an outstanding sales manager apart from the rest.

Here are some of the knowledge and skills you need to be a successful sales manager:

  • An understanding of the difference between sales management and sales leadership
  • An understanding of your natural leadership style and the need to flex and adapt this to different personality types within your team
  • Ability to hire the right salespeople to build your team
  • Ability to develop others through training and sales coaching
  • Ability to measure and analyse the performance of your sales team
  • Ability to provide effective and motivational feedback
  • Ability to build trust and respect with the sales team
  • Ability to treat others fairly, regardless of personal biases or beliefs
  • Ability to prioritise and complete tasks to deliver desired outcomes within allotted time frames
  • Ability to establish a process for activities that lead to the implementation of systems, procedures, and outcomes
  • Ability to delegate, organise and utilise resources in ways that maximise their effectiveness
  • Ability to identify and prioritise activities that lead to a goal
  • Ability to personally affect others’ actions, decisions, opinions or thinking
  • An understanding of the role you play in the wider management team of the organisation

A top sales manager possesses a wide range of skills.

They will have the ability to identify and hire the right salespeople when building their team. For hiring sales managers here are some tips for hiring a sales team and some handy telesales interview questions.

They will also be able to effectively communicate with, influence, motivate and coach their team to drive sales performance and sales success within the business.

Check out these useful sales manager interview questions and sales director interview questions to help you out if that’s you.

Are your sales manager training courses certified?

The course is a formally endorsed qualification by the Institute of Sales Management and the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) certification service.

Upon attending the course, you will receive 2 certificates, including the “Professional Sales Manager” certificate from the ISM and a CPD Certificate at no extra cost.

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