Complaints Policy


We’re all human and from time to time we don’t get things right. We take issues and problems seriously. When we receive feedback from our clients that they are dissatisfied with the products and services that we have provided for them then we will investigate matters thoroughly to improve what we offer and to adhere to the high standards that we set ourselves.


The process applies to any of our sales training clients.


A complaint is an escalation of dissatisfaction where MTD have attempted to reply to an issue or a problem and the client is not happy with the outcome. In the first instance our clients are required to approach their trainer, programme account manager or their L&D Manager to express their concerns and if they have not been resolved a formal complaint can take place.


A formal complaint can be made by:

• Mentioning it to the sales trainer or facilitator
• Drawing it to the attention of their programme account manager
• Emailing [email protected]

You must bring any complaint to our attention within a reasonable time following the circumstances that resulted in the complaint.

Complaint Escalation Process

Stage 1 – Notification

1. Tell us about your complaint
2. MTD will reply within 10 working days

Stage 2 – If You’re Unhappy with The Reply

1. Let us know and our Head of Client Services will investigate
2. They will respond within 10 working days

Stage 3 – If You’re Still Unhappy with The Reply

1. Let us know and the complaint will be escalated to the Managing Director
2. They will respond within 10 working days
3. Their reply will be the final decision on behalf of MTD


• Timely
• Confidential
• Fair
• Objective
• Polite
• Courteous
• Fact based

We’ll expect you to be the same as well.

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