Advanced Communication Skills

Give your sales people the edge by turning them into master communicators, capable of influencing their prospect’s buying decisions without them even knowing!

Course Overview

Just imagine for a moment that a prospect has entered your store and is interested in buying your product – how do you know whether to cover all of the features and benefits in detail or in brief? How do you know whether to show him the product in action or to tell him about it? How do you know how he will ultimately make his purchasing decision? – by an internal gut feeling he gets or because his wife says so?!

Just imagine that you are conducting a business 2 business sale – how do you know whether your prospect wants your product to achieve XYZ or to avoid a problem he is currently facing? How do you know that what he is telling you is the truth just by his eye movements? How do you know what his preferred learning style is of taking in the information that you are presenting?

Well, knowing all of the answers to the above seperates the OUTSTANDING sales person from the AVERAGE.

All of the above are examples of advanced communication skills techniques.

This is a 2-day in-house course designed to develop advanced

communication techniques and strategies for your sales people.

Influencing your prospect to buy goes far beyond the actual words that you say.

More importantly it’s how you say it and the way that you act while you’re saying it. It depends on your prospect’s view of the world and their preferred learning style with regards to absorbing information and what you say that will determine whether you are successful in this area or not.

Effective communicators can elicit all of the action signals and communication strategies from a person and adopt their style to make sure that their communications are effective.

This course is all about providing you with the communications armoury for you to be able to communicate and influence effectively with anyone and at any level, it goes far beyond a beginners guide to communication and focuses upon some more of the advanced communication techniques available.

You will learn how other people think and how they prefer to learn and thus you will be able to tailor your communications to maximize your effectiveness.

What Will You Gain From The Course?

  • Learn how to develop different communicating strategies depending upon your prospect’s view of the world, their values and beliefs.
  • Understand favoured learning styles of others and how to use this when communicating
  • Learn how to build rapport with anyone at anytime
  • Learn how others absorb information and the process they go through to make decisions and to communicate
  • Develop verbal and non-verbal communication techniques
  • Learn how to elicit thinking patterns through eye movement
  • Learn how to tap into another person internal representation system
  • Learn some NLP techniques to influence and sway another persons point of view

Sample Course Content

Below is an exact course content that we have used in the past, it gives you a flavour of some of the topics we will cover:

Effective Influencing

  • Communicating with others
  • The communications process

Filter Systems

  • What happens to information when it comes in to our brain?
  • What happens to information for it to get out?

How Miscommunication Cccurs

  • Effective communications
  • What makes up an effective communication?

The golden rules for effective influencing

  • How people sort and categorise information
  • What is a meta programme?
  • How people sort information in their mind
  • The 6 main sorting offices of the mind:
  1. Towards and Away
  2. Chunk Size
  3. Sameness/Difference
  4. Internal and External References
  5. Reasoning
  6. Decision Making

Internal Representational Systems

  • What is a representational system?
  • How people represent what you say into their own language
  • Techniques and strategies to communicate effectively with people with different systems

Eliciting Thinking Patterns Through Eye Movements

  • How to know what people are thinking by their eye movements
  • How to tailor your communications by what you see

How To Build Rapport With Anyone & At Anytime

  • What is rapport?
  • The 6 elements of rapport building

How To Give & Receive Feedback

  • The principles of giving constructive feedback
  • The 8 techniques of how to give effective feedback
  • How to receive feedback

Action Planning & Putting Into Practice




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