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Advanced Sales Training Course

Advanced Sales Training Course

Learn The Mindset, The Skills, The Strategy & The Approach That Will
Enable You To Make The Step Up From Sales Person To Trusted Advisor

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Advanced Selling Skills Course

Course Overview

Many salespeople are so busy trying to ‘sell’ their products and services that they miss entirely what the buyer really needs to improve their business especially during these COVID-19 times.

Most B2B sales are based on old paradigms that simply don’t exist in today’s buyer-savvy world.

Our 1-Day Advanced Selling Skills Course re-addresses those old mind-sets and introduces the salesperson to the ‘solution-based’ processes of the new millennium.

The course is a formally endorsed qualification by the Institute of Sales Management and upon attending the course you will receive the “Advanced Sales Professional” certificate from the ISM.

ISM endorsement is the industry recognised benchmark for high-quality sales training programmes.

Supported by their quality assurance system, endorsement confirms that our training programme is professionally designed and delivered to exacting standards.

The course is also CPD Certified (Continuing Professional Development) and after attending the course you will receive a CPD Certificate at no extra cost.

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Who Will Benefit From Our Advanced Sales Training Course?

  • Sales people who have already attended our Essential Selling Skills workshop
  • Field sales people
  • Business to business sales people
  • Client relationship managers
  • Account managers
  • Business development managers
  • Commercial managers
  • Experienced sales people who need a different perspective

What Will You Gain From The Course?

  • Learn about the buyer’s mindset in your industry
  • Learn how to gain confidence in setting appointments
  • Learn specific communication skills that differentiate top performers from average ones
  • Learn listening skills that will open up a whole new world
  • Learn why and when buyers actually make decisions to buy
  • Learn what goes on the minds of today’s buyers
  • Learn the beliefs, skills and behaviours that create a top performer
  • Learn how to stop objections before they occur
  • Learn how to present solutions specific to each buyer
  • Learn how to gain commitment with elegance and ease
  • Learn what to do with buyers who don’t buy from you
  • Learn what your buyer wants you to do after the sale
  • And more!


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Course Agenda

Introduction & Objectives

Where Are We Today?

We start by looking at the differences between how sales have been made up to now and what the future sales consultant will be doing. It’s not that the old way of selling doesn’t’s just that the old buyers aren’t around any more

Understanding The Modern Day Buyer

What’s the DNA of the modern day buyer? What do they expect from their supplier? What’s their mind set? What’s their decision making process? And what turns them off?

Advanced Communication Skills

Modern sales consultants have learned the skills and techniques required to influence today’s buyers elegantly and effectively. Here, we introduce cutting-edge communication strategies and techniques that will enable you to tap into your prospects’ and clients’ ways of thinking, how they process information and how they make their buying decisions. Armed with this you can then influence and sell to them more effectively.


Knowing & Improving Your BSBs

Product knowledge is important, but personal knowledge is vital. What Beliefs, Skills and Behaviours set top performers apart from the average? This eye-opening session will be the foundation for many salespeople to launch themselves on their new markets

Taking Away The Pain….Building On The Opportunities

Presenting effectively will eliminate many objections before they occur. Knowing how the buyer makes decisions will create the springboard to gaining commitment to the next stage of the partnership. This session will provide the confidence to hit the mark every time

Following-Up, Whether They Buy Or Not

Not all prospects will be ready to buy but how can you still be in the frame when they are ready? Many prospects will become your long-term clients – how can you turn them into advocates that are continuously loyal? We cover what the buyer wants from a long-term partnership and what you can do to create this loyalty. We’ll also cover how to handle that “lull” throughout longer sales cycles and what you can do to stay in the front of your prospects minds but without being a nuisance!

Action Planning & Close


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Reviews From Previous Attendees


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Location Hiltongarden
Coventry Centre
Location Central London
Course information

The course fees are £295 + vat.

The Advanced Selling Skills Course is a formally endorsed qualification by the ISM and is also CPD Certified.

Upon attending the course you will receive the “Advanced Sales Professional” certificate from the ISM and a CPD certificate.

Start/Finish Times

Start: 9.30am

Finish: 4.30 – 5.00pm

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Included Within The Registration Fee:

  • Course manual
  • Course materials
  • Buffet lunch
  • Servings of tea and coffee throughout the day
  • ISM “Advanced Sales Professional” certificate & CPD certificate
  • Unlimited email and telephone support from your trainer after the course

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On-Going Support After The Workshop

After we have delivered your programme we do not just shake hands and take your money. We like to offer you some ongoing support.

Included within the cost are the following unique support options that are available to you.


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