Customer Relationship Management Training

Training courses or on-going programmes designed around your exact requirements

Customer Relationship Management Training

Learn how to build loyal and profitable customers


You want to be perceived as a business partner rather than just a supplier.

How can you make this transition?

The way that you manage your customer relationships before, during and after the sale will make all the difference.

This 1 or 2 day workshop will provide you and your sales teams with the skills, knowledge and approach to ensure that they are the ones that are looking after your customers instead of the competition.

Below is some indicative content and we would tailor this based on your requirements, adding any topics or areas in that you need.

Indicative Content

What Does It Take To Succeed?

  • What does customer relationship management actually mean?
  • The differences between selling and relationship management
  • What’s your role as a relationship manager?
  • The skills, knowledge and behaviours you need to be successful

Building The Relationship

  • Evaluate ways in which to secure customer loyalty
  • Research areas where you can build and add value to your customers offering
  • ‘Deep link’ services with the customer making it harder for competitors to drive you out
  • Develop ongoing activities that make you the number 1 choice

From Supplier To Partner

  • Understanding the transition from supplier to partner status
  • The Trusted Advisor – how to add value over and above what you offer
  • Managing the “in-between time” – how to stay in contact without bugging your contacts
  • How to create allies across the company to embed yourself into the organisation

Managing The Relationship

  • Account mapping – how to create the structure of each account (decision makers, influencers)
  • Understanding your customers’ needs and business objectives
  • How to structure and run an account review meeting
  • How to introduce cross-selling and up-selling opportunities into the mix
  • Influencing multi-level contacts of an account

Action Planning

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All of our in-house, bespoke courses and programmes are CPD Certified.

After we have developed the material for your programme it will go through the CPD Certification process.

What this means is that your sales team will receive a CPD Certificate for your specific course/programme.

All of this is completed with no additional cost.

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