If you know that you’re not making as many sales as you need to be then what I’m about to tell you will be the most important thing you’ve read in years…

“At Last! Here’s The Answer To All Of Those Prospect Stalling Tactics, Gatekeepers From Hell, Elusive Decision Makers, Discount Hunters And Price Objections!”

And…you don’t need to attend any course, lose any time off work and you can discover all of this while driving in your car, when working out at the gym or when you take your dog out for a walk!


Sean McPheat

From: Sean McPheat

Dear Sales Professional,

There’s something going on in the sales industry and no, it’s not just the current economic problems that everyone is facing!

But have you noticed…

  • That it’s taking you much longer to close deals?
  • That getting through to decision makers is a lot harder than it once was?
  • That your prospects want to squeeze the life out of your prices and practically get something for nothing?
  • That your prospects are far more informed about what you sell and your industry as a whole?
  • That the approach and tactics that used to work like clockwork are less effective?
  • That overall, it’s just a whole lot harder to sell anything?!!!!

Of course, we can all blame the economy for this and it is partly to blame but it’s not the whole truth.

“The economy excuse” is the easy way out.

Don’t get me wrong, people and businesses are not as flush as they once were but the business is still out there and having helped over 250,000 sales people from over 9,000 different companies we know that what makes the difference is the quality of your sales approach.

So if the state of the economy is not the sole reason for your dip in sales figures then what is it?

You’re Now Selling To A New, Upgraded Model Of Buyer!

Today’s buyers have changed.

They are more informed, sophisticated and more sales savvy than ever before due to the internet and the easily accessibility of information….and they’ll have the shirt off your back if you’ll let them too!

They seem to know a lot more than they used to know, they’ve read the same books as you, they’ve listened to the same CD’s as you and some of them have even been on the same courses that you’ve attended too!

Yes, the modern day buyer can find out information about your products and services with just the click of a mouse, they can find out about your company history, your turnover, how many people work for your company and where you’re based.

They can find out about your company xmas party if you’ve got a blog, they can do a search on you and your company and read any positive (or dare I say it, negative reviews) in the forums and the blogs, they can ask questions to their friends on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites as to whether they’ve used you before and then guess what?……..

They can then go on over to your competitors websites and do exactly the same thing!

And yes, you know that this type of prospect is a real pain in the know you where!

They think that they know it all and love nothing better than to get one over on the sales person!

But because they have all of this information about what you sell, the industry as whole and what your competitors offer they are in a position of strength.

And when they add this knowledge to the “current economic climate” then they are in a position of even greater strength!

Increased Knowledge


Sales Savvy Awareness


“Know It All” Factor


Current Economy



You have to be careful because modern day buyers will use the economy as an excuse even if it does not affect them directly! These are cute operators and they’ll use the economy to ask for discounts and to play you off against your rivals.

So What Can Be Done To Readdress This Balance Of Power?

Well, you can keep on doing what you’re currently doing or you can upgrade your sales skills!



39 Practical “HOW TO” Sales Tips
While You’re On The Way To The Sale

CD disks collage

I designed and recorded Drive Time Sales Strategies with one aim in mind…

To provide you with some of the MOST UP TO DATE and modern methods in sales techniques.

Whilst the modern buyer has changed, sales approaches have simply failed to keep up. Sure, the basics will always work but you need to be able to do more than this.

And the way I have put this unique package together is that it has been specifically designed for sales people just like you who are mega busy or like to listen to CD’s in your car.


This Content Is Unique & Is Broken Down
Into Bite Sized 5-10 Minute Sessions That Are Just Ideal
To Listen To In Your Car Or If You’re Strapped For Time

CD cover iamge

Who Is Sean McPheat?

If you’re not familiar with my story and want to find out what I’m all about please CLICK HERE, otherwise please read on to find out how this programme will help you…


So what is covered within this programme?

Through 39 content busting sessions (with no fluff whatsoever!) you’ll be learning tips, techniques and strategies that you can actually use in the real world and I’ll cover exactly what to do and how to do it.

Drive Time Sales Strategies contains 5 unique CD’s, each one covering a specific topic. There are lot’s of role plays and actual examples for you to listen to so you can learn the words to use and hear it from the horses mouth.

Before I cover with you exactly what’s on each CD and what you will learn, let me first tell you about what you can expect from this programme after you’ve ordered.

You’ll be over the moon to discover
that this programme contains…

Red crossNO FLUFF!
Instead, the sessions are short, sharp and full of tips and techniques that you can actually use.

Red cross NO HYPE! You’ll not have to endure any over the top self promotion by me that wastes the first 10 minutes of the programme! You already know how great I am!

Red crossNO CHEESE! These tips are practical, down to earth and are not read by a voiceover man! They’re read by me, warts and all! It’s as though I’ll be sitting right there next to you as your sales coach.

Red crossNO TIME OFF WORK! You can listen to these training sessions in your car on the way to work or when you’re on the way to the sale and the sessions are standalone tracks. This means that you don’t need to have listened to any previous tracks to get the gist of what’s going on!


Here’s What You’ll Get On Each Of The 5 CD’s

CD disk 1

CD 1 – How To Get Focused For Selling

These sessions are all about getting your mindset right.

They are about getting focused and ready for the job at hand.

Here’s what you will cover on each track…

red tick Understand the DNA of the modern day buyer

What animal are you dealing with today? Why are they so different? How do they make their decisions? What has caused this change in the balance of power?

red tickThe mindset and approach you need for sales success

Just why are some sales people more successful than others? What mindset and approach do you need before you make that call or walk in the door?

red tickThe pull don’t push attitude

Why you should pull out problems and then solve them. Why “show up, throw up selling” does not work. Learn what it takes to pull out needs, wants, desires and how to surface pain!

red tickPlanning and preparation masterclass

Do you really plan out what you’re doing? Why planning is vital to your success. Work through a checklist so you’ll always have your bases covered.

red tickKnow your stuff

Cover the 4 areas where you will need to “know your stuff” and have expert knowledge and awareness in. Learn how to become a true expert and the the little areas of knowledge that your competitors will be found wanting in if you can cover them off.

red tickHow to manage your state

There are more ups and downs in selling than in any other profession – learn how to manage the peaks and the troughs by managing your emotions, your mental state and overall attitude during these times.

red tickHow to reframe a sales situation

Do you have a phobia with certain types of clients? Do certain situations make you feel uncomfortable? Learn how to reframe and reposition your mindset to deal with these occurances and come out smelling of roses!


CD disk 2

CD 2- How To Plan Out And Make Successful Cold Calls

These sessions are all about learning modern, upto date techniques and strategies to make successful cold calls whether that be setting up appointments or closing a direct sale over the telephone.

Here’s what you will cover on each track…

red tickPre call planning and objective setting

You might be making cold calls but don’t go into them cold yourself! Know your goals, plan of attack and how you can set yourself up for success, or failure by how you prepare and plan things through. You’ll cover a planning cheatsheet to use everytime you make your calls.

red tickOpening is the new closing                                                       

You’ll never get to the close if you can’t open your calls in the right way! Learn how to use a little known secret in your opening that will distinguish yourself as different to all of the other cold callers out there.

red tickHow to identify a gatekeeper screen

Love them or loathe them but the business prevention team play a vital role in your success! Learn how to identify if you’re being played by the gatekeeper. Understand the different types of gatekeeper screens that they use and what to listen out for.

red tickHow to get through a gatekeeper screen

After you’ve identifed whether a gatekeeper screen is being used, you then need to know how to get through them. Learn 2 specific tactics on how to get past the Guardians of The Gold! Learn how you need to come across so that the gatekeeper has no other option but to put you through.

red tickHow to overcome objections

Learn how most objections come about over the telephone – it’s not what you think! Cover the 3 most critical areas to focus upon if you are to make sure that any objections do not arise in the first place!

red tickHow to cement your appointments in stone

On this track you’ll cover how to make sure that the meetings that you set up actually go ahead by using the C.E.M.E.N.T process. Listen to actual examples of how this is done and simply copy!

red tickSuccessful follow up calls               

Discover why saying “Did you read the information I sent you?” is the worst possible thing that you can say when following up with prospects and clients. Learn exactly what to say and how to say it with real LIVE examples to make sure that you take your prospect to the next stage of your sales process.

red tickHow to sell an appointment  

You’ve been taught that you need to “sell appointments” right? Well, how can you do this exactly? You’ll be able to set up more appointments than ever before with the techniques and the strategies I’ll be covering.

red tickHow to make a direct sale

Closing down a prospect there and then over the telephone is tough. Discover what you need to cover and how to cover it so you can make your close just a natural extension to your call.

red tickOn your way to the phone

This session is a 5 minute pre cold call warm up that will get your head into gear! Listen to this session as I cover everything you need to have and be prepared for your cold calling session. You can pop me on before you make the calls and you’ll be ready for action!


CD disk 3

CD 3- How To Plan Out And Make Successful Sales Interactions

Throughout these sessions you’ll cover what it takes to deliver interactive and compelling sales interactions when face to face with your prospects and clients.

Here’s what you will cover on each track…

red tickPre meeting mindset and objective setting

A lot of your success will be determined before the actual meeting takes place. Learn what to think and how to prepare for your sales interaction. Learn a check list to make sure you are ready every single time.

red tickTop questions to use to uncover needs, wants and pain         

No, I’m not going to cover boring old opening and closed questions – zzzzzzzz! Instead I’m going to cover the 3 types of questions that will open up your prospects like a can of baked beans! Soon, they’ll be talking about the pain and their hurt. After all, you need a problem to solve right?!

red tickPresenting with impact

Learn how to present your products and services with impact. By following my guidance and approach you’ll come across as a bona fide expert, covering objections before they arise in a really productive two way dialogue.

red tickPlanned not canned presentations             

You don’t want to sound like a robot during your presentations! By following my formula for your sales interactions you’ll have specific objectives and goals in mind for each stage of your presentation/meeting. Your meeting will sound “off the cuff” even though it’s very well planned and you’ll have a specific roadmap from the time you enter the room to the time when you leave.

red tickHow to frontload objections  

You know what objections are coming! I’ll show you a technique to understand when they surface and how to shoot them down before they rear their ugly head!

red tickHow to respond to objections

In the unlikely event that you are faced with objections after having worked through the previous session, I’ll show you a surefire 3 step formula for responding to any objection that comes your way. It’s easy to remember and has a great impact.

red tickHow to offer discounts without losing your shirt

Learn the P X 2, V X 1 formula for giving discounts. You’ll discover that by using this specific response you’ll not have to cave in and give discounts at the drop of a hat.

red tickOn your way to the meeting

As you’re driving to your next sales meeting, slip this session on and I’ll make sure you are ready for success. I’ll cover what you should have done already and need to do in this upcoming sales interaction to get the business.

CD disk 4

CD 4- How To Understand Where Your Buyer Is Coming From

These sessions are designed so that you’ll build up an unrivalled knowledge and appreciation about your buyers.

You’ll understand how they process the information that you give to them, what the world looks like according to them, how they make their buying decisions and what type of personality they have.

Here’s what you will cover on each track…

red tickBetter the devil you know…

During this session you’ll cover the 4 main buyer types you’ll come up against and how to sell to each one. Ranging from the “know it all” through to someone who is as quiet as a church mouse you’ll soon have some methods on how to approach each one.

red tickHow to use emotion and logic to influence                                

We all know the role that emotion and logic plays in the selling process but how, exactly, can we use this? I’ll show you the importance of designing your ESP’s (emotional selling propositions) and how to use these in your interactions. USP’s are usually not as unique as you think! ESP’s will get the job done everytime.

red tickUnderstand how your buyers think

How beneficial would it be if you could slice open your prospect’s brain to see how they think and then you could present your information in such a way that would really be on their wavelength? Useful? You bet! This session will show you what to look for and what to do so you can achieve just that (without having to resort to the slicing obviously!)

red tickUnderstand how your buyers process information

Learn 4 specific preferences that your buyers have in the way that they take in information and make decisions. You’ll cover strategies on how to deal with each one so you really hit home your messages.

red tickHow to build effortless rapport 

Building rapport is vital. But it’s more than just matching and mirroring body language! Your prospects can see straight through that! Instead I’ll be covering how you can pace alongside your prospect in your discussions and then take over the lead so that they follow you!


CD disk 5

CD 5- How To Gain An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition

This CD covers all of the techniques and methods that will really get you ahead of your rivals. Some of the approaches and ways of thinking are brand new and will set you apart from the rest.

Here’s what you will cover on each track…

red tickUnderstand your numbers for accelerated results

This session covers the essential ratios and numbers of your selling. I’ll cover the SOS (Science of selling) and how to use this. I’ll uncover a little, unknown approach that will be a real eye opener to the way that you sell.

red tickSpeed gives you an immediate advantage                             

Your prospects are under pressure, are time poor and have many different activities that are competing for their attention. I’ll show you why it’s important that you can move fast in the current economic climate and why this alone will win you deals no matter how good you are at selling.

red tickHow to remove competitor solutions from the equation    

It’s very rare that you’ll be the only supplier that your prospects are looking at. During this session I’ll be covering how you can remove these other solutions from the equation in your sales interaction and how to do it in the right way.

red tickHow to BASH the competition without bashing them           

There will be times when it’s a straight dog fight between you and the competition for a piece of business. I’ll show you exactly how you can  bash them over the head in such a way that you’ll position yourself as the only viable choice.

red tickGetting your foot in the door when there’s an existing supplier in place

“We’re using someone already and we’re really happy” Sometimes there’s not a lot to follow that! I’ll show you an unknown and hardly ever used approach that will get your foot in the door and then of course, it’s upto you!

red tickKeeping your prospects warm during longer sales cycles      

You’re waiting on a decision and the sales cycle is coming to a grinding halt… now you don’t want to keep pestering them with calls and emails but on the other hand you want to keep in the front of their minds. During this session you’ll discover what you should do during this often frustrating time that will ensure that you’ll be the supplier they choose because everyone else is becoming a right nuisance!

red tickHow to turn from sales person to trusted advisor           

You’ll learn how to position yourself as an authority in your field so you gain instant credibility and expert status. You’ll learn techniques and approaches on how to rise above the other sales people who are out to eat your lunch. Your prospects and clients will soon be asking for your advice and that’s when you’re classed as a true advisor!

red tickHow to respond to the economy excuse         

You’ll be hearing a lot about this one at the moment but just how can you reply to these “econojections”? I’ll be telling you exactly how to respond to all of the economy objections and excuses that you face.


CD disks collage

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Live, love and laugh


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