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Mature-businessman-shaking-hand The Best Phrases To Use When Negotiating Discounts

Your ability to make a profitable sale often hinges on your skills when discussing what price you are willing to settle on for your product. If you are worried about whether you will make the sale or not, you may well offer a lower price to get the buyer to agree to the sale.


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Businessman-With-His-Arms- Why You Should ALWAYS Stand Firm On Your Walk Away Point In Sales

A couple of years ago, I witnessed a great example of negotiating in action, and it taught me a strong lesson. I was on holiday in Turkey and looking around one of those colourful bazaars where everything known to man (and much unknown) is up for bartering.


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how-to-respond-to-we-want- How To Respond To “We Want A 15% Discount”

I have recently been running some training with a very successful client and we have been working on the negotiation skills of their salespeople and sales managers.

One person in the group raised an interesting issue about one of his clients.


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