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Direct Selling
Over The Telephone

Direct Selling Over The Telephone

Learn how to sell directly there and then over the telephone with this telesales skills course.

Close Business Directly Over The Telephone


If you sell directly over the telephone then this course will provide you with the skills and techniques to ensure that you’re a success.

This course is ideal if you are selling “business to consumer”

You’ll cover how to get your mindset right for the constant rejection that you face as well as how to create rapport with your prospects so they like and trust you so they want to hear more.

The course will provide you with tips and techniques on how to handle the most common objections that you face and how to ask for the order in the right way.

Below is some indicative content.

We can tailor this based on your requirements, adding any topics or areas in that you need.

Delivery Options

In-House Workshop
Live webinar
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Live webinar
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Indicative Content

What Does Excellence Look Like?

  • What’s the DNA of a successful direct sale over the telephone?
  • Understanding the direct selling sales process

Pre Call Planning & Preparation

  • Getting your mindset right for the day ahead
  • Learning how to reframe rejection
  • Researching your prospects and call list
  • Planning your calls and your approach
  • Developing and understanding your framework/call script

Opening The Call

  • How to open your calls in the right way
  • How to identify a gatekeeper screen
  • The techniques to use to get through the 2 types of gatekeeper screen:
    • The blind screen
    • The investigative screen
Selling Your Product/Service

  • Transitioning from the gatekeeper to the decision maker
  • Rapport building techniques without the cheese
  • Questioning and listening skills
  • Qualifying the decision maker
  • Matching your products and services to their needs
  • Benefits focus and involving the decision maker
  • Listening for the hook

Handling Objections & Closing

  • How to identify buying signals
  • Asking for the business in the right way
  • How to respond to phrases such as:
    • “I’m not interested”
    • “It’s too expensive/costs too much”
    • “Call me back later”
    • “Send me some information”
    • “I already use someone/something for that”
  • Responding to discount requests

Action Planning

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