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Industry-Leading Programmes
for Superior Sales Results

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Sales Training Programmes

Industry-Leading Programmes
for Superior Sales Results

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Award Winning Sales Training Programmes

We have extensive experience in designing and running on-going sales training programmes that will transform your sales teams.

Our programmes can be as simple or as comprehensive as you like and can include fully blended learning experiences that include face to face, online sales training, digital resources and LIVE sales training webinars.

These programmes are normally modular in nature and are run over a number of months usually consisting of core development training and specific, individual requirements as well.

If you have a global salesforce we have representation in 25 different countries so we’ll have you covered.

MTD have a proven track record in delivering the results and the outcomes that our clients desire and we have the accolades to prove it as well.

Blended Learning

Our sales training programmes use blended learning methods to engage your sales people.
Below are some examples. We will work with you to select the right approaches based on your objectives.


Icon Workshops


These can include bite sized, 90 minute sessions through to half and full days. Workshops are normally run at regular intervals throughout the sales programme.

Icon Online Learning

Online Learning

From short, 90 to 180 second microlearning sessions through to longer, interactive elearning modules there are lots of options for these.

Icon Webinars


Normally delivered LIVE at a set time our webinars are practical, engaging and fun. The normal duration for these are between 1 and 2 hours and they include polls and interaction.

Icon Coaching


Our team can work with your sales people one on one. Through either face to face, over the telephone or through video conference, these sessions cover personalised development opportunities.

Icon Sales Assessments

Sales Assessments

We have a number of competency based and psychological sales assessments that provide an insight into what your sales people do and why they do it.

Icon Simulations


Your sales people are required to step into specific sales situations and scenarios and then work through them step by step with the best approach to take.

Icon Accreditation


As an ISM and CPD centre we can offer a variety of formal endorsements and also sales qualifications. If you’re looking for your sales training programme to be accredited we can help you with this.

Icon Flipped Classroom

Flipped Classroom

Your sales people are sent the theory behind the learning in advance and are expected to learn it via self-study. Then the workshop is all focused on practice.

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Indicative Content

Examples Of Different Topics

Reviewing Your Sales Skillset

  • Selling style – what am I like?
  • Sales skills assessment – how am I currently performing?

Understanding Your Customer

  • The psychology of today’s customers
  • Understanding how your customers think
  • Understanding how your customers process information and make decisions
  • Understanding the needs and wants of your client – what are they really saying?
  • How can you impact and influence this decision making process?

Understanding The Sales Process

  • Perceptions of sales and selling
  • How is a sale made? The key stages of a successful sale
  • Applying a sales model to what you do

Prospecting & Business Development

  • Different types of prospecting methods
  • Planning and preparation
  • Qualifying the decision maker
  • Making cold/warm calls
    • Understanding the sales process
    • Impactful call openings
    • How to sell an appointment
    • Taking the call to the next stage
    • Overcoming resistance

Consultative Selling

  • Unearthing the needs and wants of your prospects and clients
  • Questioning and listening skills
  • Matching your products and services to their requirements
  • Building value within your interaction
  • Covering the features and benefits of your proposition
  • Sales presentation basics

Exploring The Proposition

  • Shoe on the other foot analysis – why would/should/do your customers choose you?
  • Exploring the wider offering
  • What are the benefits and USPs?
  • Where is the added value?
    • Is it REALLY added value to your client?
    • Positioning the added value in the right way

Positioning & Building

  • Creating a positive first impression
  • Opening your interactions with purpose and impact
  • Conducting the elevator pitch – without pitching!
  • Establishing impacts and costs of current situation
  • Determining the best approach to appeal to both sides of the brain

Discovering Information

  • How to really listen and use the information to your advantage
  • Questioning and listening techniques that uncover information
  • The needs dialogue process
  • How to dig deeper without it becoming and interrogation

Presenting Your Ideas

  • Building the value proposition
  • Discussing the benefits and tailoring your offering to what the customer wants
  • Being mindful of the opportunity available without hard-selling, pitching or over-selling
  • Justifying your solution with confidence
  • Differentiating yourselves from the competition

Overcoming Objections

  • Identifying the obvious and hidden objections – what’s the real objection?
  • Pre-empting resistance and doubts before they surface
  • Overcoming doubts, misinformation, and legitimate concerns
  • Dealing with objections in real-time
  • Isolating and overcoming sales objections

Securing Commitment & Closing

  • Overcoming the fear of asking for the sale
  • Identifying positive signals
  • Ensuring the customer understands their needs and the benefits you provide
  • Agreeing the next call, the next step, the close and securing commitment
  • Converting to account status and managing customer expectations
Planning Your Account Strategy

  • Account management training best practices
  • Creating your hit list based on account potential
  • How to develop a key account over the long-term
  • Setting goals for each key account – short, medium, and long term
  • Creating an account “touch point” strategy – face to face, telephone, email, social media

Building The Relationship

  • Broadening and deepening the business relationship
  • Evaluating ways in which to secure customer loyalty
  • Researching areas where you can build and add value to your customers’ offering
  • ‘Deep link’ services with the customer, making it harder for competitors to drive you out of the account
  • Develop ongoing activities that make your company the supplier of choice

Moving From Supplier To Partner

  • Understanding the transition from supplier to partner status
  • The Trusted Advisor – how to add value over and above what you sell
  • Managing the “in-between time” – how to stay in contact without bugging your customer
  • How to create allies across the company to embed yourself with others throughout

Managing & Developing The Relationship

  • Understanding your customers’ needs and business objectives
  • How to structure and run an account review meeting
  • How to introduce cross-selling and up-selling opportunities into the mix
    • Looking beyond the obvious need
    • Spotting additional opportunities
    • Assessing who within your company is best placed to move the opportunity forward

Pre Call Planning & Preparation

  • Getting your mindset right for the day ahead
  • Researching your prospects and call list
  • Planning your calls and your approach
  • Developing and understanding your framework/call script

Opening The Call

  • How to open your calls in the right way
  • How to identify a gatekeeper screen
  • The techniques to use to get through the 2 types of gatekeeper screen:
    • The blind screen
    • The investigative screen

Selling The Appointment

  • Telesales training best practices
  • Transitioning from the gatekeeper to the decision maker
  • Questioning and listening skills
  • Qualifying the decision maker
  • Listening for the hook
  • Selling the appointment and not your product/service
  • How to respond to phrases such as:
    • “I’m not interested”
    • “How much is it?”
    • “What are you selling?”
    • “Tell me now?”
    • “Call me back later”
    • “Send me some information”
    • “I already use someone/something for that”

Confirming The Appointment

  • Understanding the costs of a missed appointment
  • How to confirm the appointment in the right way using the C.E.M.E.N.T model
  • What to do immediately after the phone call
  • What to do before you meet to confirm the appointment

Sales Negotiation Skills

  • The difference between selling skills and negotiating
  • Knowing your L.I.M.I.T.S – Ideals, intend to get, walk away points
  • Understanding your B.A.T.N.A – best alternative to a negotiated deal
  • Signalling and proposing
  • Bargaining and agreeing

Case Studies

Below are some case study examples of different sales training programmes.
Please click below based upon which area is most relevant to you.

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Working With MTD

We’re incredibly easy to work with. Here’s some further information
about what to expect and how we will work together to make it happen

Sales Training Programme Design

We will work with you to design a programme that is unique to your organisation and to what you sell.

Understanding your sales process and people is vitally important if we are to get buy-in from your sales teams.

A sales training programme is a journey where your sales teams will learn new skills, brush up on their existing ones and will have the opportunity to practice in a safe environment as well as embedding their skills back at work.

All we do is designed and created to work in the real world. So no matter whether your sale is a transactional one or a strategic and complex sell, we have dedicated, specialist trainers who understand what it takes to be successful in your industry.

What You Can Expect…

  • A good listening to so we understand your requirements
  • Involvement in the design of the programme
  • Ways to help get the buy-in of your key stakeholders
  • Engaging, personalised content and programme design
  • Hand selected trainers who are right for your culture
  • On-going tools and resources to help embed the learning
  • Unrivalled account management from the team at MTD
  • Programme KPI’s and on-going measurements
  • Flexibility during the programme to change direction
  • Practical and proven delivery – Feefo ratings of 96%


We’ve trained over 9,000 different clients from hundreds of different industries.

Some of those clients include…

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MTD continually push the boundaries and standards within the sales industry

MTD Sales Training are always at the forefront of the latest sales strategies and techniques and have a proven track record in improving bottom line sales performance. The ISM are proud to be a partner as MTD continually push the boundaries and standards within the sales industry to the greater good of the sales profession as a whole.

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Head of Sales
The Institute of Sales Management

CPD Certification

CPD logo
All of our in-house, bespoke courses and programmes are CPD Certified.

After we have developed the material for your programme it will go through the CPD Certification process.

What this means is that your sales team will receive a CPD Certificate for your specific course/programme.

All of this is completed with no additional cost.

What’s Next?

What Is The Process?

We design and deliver bespoke, in-house sales training programmes for your sales team.

The beauty of our programmes is that we can get to understand about your business before we deliver the training.

We will also learn about what you sell and how you sell it to make sure that what we deliver is really specific to your industry and desired outcomes.

All you need to do is provide us with your requirements by clicking here or call us on 0333 320 2883 and we will prepare a proposal for you along with the costs and what each of your sales team will receive in terms of post course support (That really sets us apart from our competition)

Want to know more?

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Have You Got Any Training Requirements or Questions?

Our L&D and Training Team are here waiting to help you.

Please call us on 0333 320 2883 or click below.

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