10 Things Your Prospect Wants More Than Lowest Price

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Libra Price ValueThere’s a great saying that I’m sure you know well; “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”.

Most clients know the association between low price and poor quality.

Here are 10 things that the prospect wants more than the lowest price available.

1) Reliability And Dependability

Remember those old, sad stories about certain makes of car that had less than reliable reputations?

They were also the cheapest on the market.

Why didn’t they sell well? You don’t need me to tell you!

2) Predictability

If they have to wonder what is going to happen next with the level and quality of service, there is something wrong.

3) Breadth And Depth of Quality

This applies throughout your range and through time.

If you don’t offer that, they won’t trust you in the future, especially if your product quality is as brittle as your relationship.

4) Reaction To Their Overall Needs

Most clients will believe their business is unique, and you’d better go along with that, or you’ll be shot out of the water.

Agree how the prospect’s needs are different to other clients.

5) An Easy Relationship

Yes, people do buy from people, and for most, the long-term partnership will mean more than getting the cheapest service.

6) Better And Shorter Delivery Times

Their business will suffer if they can’t service their customers’ needs. If you can get the deliveries there quick, they’ll be willing to pay for it.

7) Great Follow Up

People will pay for the reliance and confidence that you will be there when they want you.

8 ) Knowledge And Assistance

Again, this will add tremendous value to the relationship, when you can be used as a font of knowledge and skills to your client.

9) Clarity Of Terms And Conditions

If they have to wade through a forest of paperwork to find out what your warranties are, they won’t be staying very long.

Clarity and simplicity is worth a lot to clients.

10) The Ability To Get On With Their Business, Without Worrying About What You Should Be Taking Care Of

They pay you for solutions.

If what you offer is cheap, it doesn’t give you the opportunity to back up your product with the service it needs.

Plus, you won’t have the money to do so.

These ideas should help you to determine how you can offer something to your client that is worth more value than the money they would be saving by going with someone cheaper.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 4 September, 2017

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