15 Ways You Know The Prospect Is Ready To Buy

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Man holding mobile phone and a credit card online shoppingIf you listen and look carefully to what the prospect is saying, there is no need to depend on tricks or closing techniques to get them to agree to the order.

When you’re giving your presentation, your prospect will give signals or signs to communicate, sometimes subconsciously, that they are ready to move on to the commitment stage.

Here are some examples of what they say that will signal their desire to buy:

1) They will ask specific questions about price, or discounts, or rates; Why would they enquire about the investment they have to make if they are not interested?

2) They question your delivery schedule; This shows they are already thinking about using it

3) They question your stock availability; They’re already convinced it will work for them

4) They want to go over something you said earlier; This shows they were mulling it over

5) They tell you about problems with current or previous suppliers; They are sending subliminal messages that they don’t want that to happen again with you

6) They ask questions about specific features or options; Again, they’re thinking of how they are going to use it.

7) They ask questions about quality; Ditto

8 ) They want to know about guarantees or warranties; They want confirmation for security

9) They ask specific questions about its workability; They are thinking of using it

10) They ask specific questions about owning the product or service; They are considering it already bought

11) They ask for a reference; They just need confirmation to make them feel secure

12) They ask if they can speak to existing customers; Again, a security question, which will be easy to answer if the product is as good as you say it is

13) They ask to see a demonstration; If they weren’t interested, why would they waste their time?

14) They send positive buying signals; Things like ‘that’s interesting’, ‘that sounds like what we want’, ‘that sounds good value for money’.

15) They say positive things about you or your company; Those positive signals mean they have faith, respect and trust in you

Your job is to recognise these signals and make it easy for the prospect to go onto the next stage without forcing or pressurising. A natural conversational statement about what needs to happen next is the best way forward and should assist the prospect in identifying you as their next supplier.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 11 April, 2011

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