3 Effective Ways To Mentally Prepare For The Sale

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Mental PlanOf course, you must prepare for the sales interaction, and that includes making sure the tangible and technical tools are all in order. However, you also must make certain that your mindset is in proper order. Below are three very important ways you can mentally prepare for the sale.

#1: Lose The Personal Problems
I know this is much easier said than done, but you have to rid your mind of your personal problems. Financial worries, relationship issues, health concerns; all of those thoughts have to go. One way to accomplish this is to focus on your goals and DREAMS. It is good to have photographs, exact dates and details of personal and professional goals. Instead of thinking about making your housing rent, think about the big luxury home you plan to buy one day. If you have car problems, think of the photo of that Lamborghini you have taped on your fridge. Dream and dream big.

#2: Look Beyond The Sale
While dreaming as above, also envision the aftermath of closing the sale. On your way to the sale, it is typical and natural to think about CLOSING the sale. However, instead of thinking about closing the sale, envision the results of the sale already CLOSED. Think about what happens and what you will do AFTER you close the sale. What logistics are involved? What must you do to set up the account and handle the financing? Focus your mind on the things that happen AFTER that sale. When you do this, your mind begins to ASSUME the sale, almost as an afterthought and closing the sale becomes a simple matter of fact.

#3: Get The Money Off Of Your Mind
If you walk in thinking about your potential commission, you are dead. You must take steps to ensure that your thoughts never focus on the money and here is an effective way to accomplish that.

Put the sale in its proper perspective. Understand what really earn should you close the sale and realize that it is NOT the amount of the total commission. Let’s say that on your AVERAGE sale you earn £400. However, you have a closing average of 20% or one out of five. Therefore, you actually earn but £80 per sales interaction (£400 divided by 5). So, on EVERY closing attempt, whether you make the sale or not, you essentially earn £80. That’s all.

Therefore, understand that even if the proposal you are going to make to this prospect is worth a potential £400, or even £4,000; your AVERAGE close is £400 and therefore you are going to earn but £80.

Figure out what your average is worth and plant that figure in your mind, and you will calm down and get the pound signs out of your eyes.

Happy Selling


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
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Originally published: 22 August, 2012

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