3 Great Ways To Help The Sales Team Deal With Change

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Some people do not accept change very easily, especially when it means more work and effort. However, change is inevitable, and under good, forward-looking Changemanagement, it is usually a good thing. Below are three tips to help you take some of the sting out of introducing positive change to the sales team.

#1 – More Money
Informing the team that the coming changes will result in them making more money, seems a given. However, it takes a bit more than just talk. You need to have some tangible ways to demonstrate exactly HOW this change will result in the sales crew increasing their incomes.

Being able to point out other sales teams or even other organisations that have made this change, and show how they made more money, is best. In short, you need to do your homework on the exact affects of the change, and present facts not just assumptions.

You are initiating a new e-prospecting campaign via LinkedIn. The sales team is unfamiliar with the concepts and it will require them to invest a little time in getting more leads through the social media. Point out a division or company that began using LinkedIn to get leads and show how much their business increased.

#2 – It’s Part of the Plan; a Compliment to S.O.P.
Help the team realize that the changes coming are actually part of the original plan, goal set and direction. Most any change you initiate should be in effort to make things better, even if the change is the result of negative influences. Therefore, this change fits into part of doing what is necessary to make things better, more efficient and profitable for all.

Also, help sales people see that the change is to compliment the Standard Operating Procedure, not to completely dismiss it.

Using the same example above with LinkedIn prospecting, help the team understand that it is only a portion of their prospecting methods; it is to COMPLIMENT current prospecting activities, not replace them.

#3 – It was YOUR Idea!
Often, change is the result of perceptive sales management listening and responding to the needs and desires of the sales team. Let the sales team know that the changes are the result of what they have actually asked for.

You are installing new CRM (Customer Relationships Management) software that will help the teams maximise relationships and dramatically increase conversion rates. Learning the new system will take some time and effort.

Remind the sales people that they voiced complaints about the current CRM software. They asked for something that was simpler and easier to use, but was more robust and automated.

Ready for Change?
Change is inevitable, but when you can use one or all three of the concepts above to present the change, it will make transition much smoother.

Also, please note that if you cannot figure out how to use any of the above three tips in presenting the change, then perhaps you need to exercise a little more due diligence before you execute the change.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 26 March, 2012

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