How To Give Your Prospect No Choice But Choose You

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Business Man Select HappyNo doubt you’ve heard the stories of customers who have changed their buying patterns and switched the companies they buy from, based purely on the fact the salesperson left one company and went to work for another.

Their allegiance was with the salesperson more than the company and their products.

Why does this happen?

It’s normally because the buyer trusts the salesperson much more than they do the company.

This is to do with the level of trust they have in the salesperson. Trust reduces risk, so they recognise their decisions are safe to make.

How do you build this trust in your company and yourself?

Here are some ways:

Build And Demonstrate Expertise

Cognitive Psychologist R. Glen Hass has stated that when the human brain perceives that someone is an expert, the more likely it is that they will comply with their suggestions and recommendations.

Have you found that to be the case yourself?

The best way to build confidence in your expertise is to share meaningful insights with customers and prospects.

These could be new ideas, strategies or research relating to their industry, or suchlike.

When you demonstrate your expertise to someone, you become a valuable resource to them.

This deepens the relationship and encourages trust


Have you had the situation where you have tried to discuss your competitive advantage with a prospect, only to find they say your competition has said exactly the same thing?

That can be embarrassing.

How do you build up differentiation?

It’s through something called distinctive value.

This is the unique value that this specific buyer or company will get from your products and services that will yield different results than your competitors would.

We all know that the harder something is to achieve or obtain, the greater value we put on it.

So when you convey things your products and services offer that they can’t get from your competition, it raises the bar, increases desire and hence boosts the perception of value in their eyes.

Remember to always understand what value means to the buyer, and discuss what really matters to them.

Then, present that value in a way that beats the competitive offering.

Become More Credible

Credibility means building believability and trustworthiness.

You build this by making and keeping promises to your clients.

Buyers want and need reasons to trust you will do what you say, because their reputation could be riding on what you do and what difference you make within their company.

When you make and keep promises (or even better, go beyond what you had promised), you show how credible it can be for your client to keep using your services.

It builds trust, confidence, reliance and conviction in you and your products.

By building this trust in yourself and your company, you provide many reasons for the client to choose you above the competition’s offerings.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 23 March, 2017

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