3 Top Qualities Of The Modern-Day Sales Professional

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Modern day salespeople with reportI talk constantly about the modern-day buyer and how they have evolved from those of the past.

However, the modern-day seller must evolve as well.

Short and sweet, here are the three top qualities of the modern-day sales professional.

Today’s Sales Professional is an Expert

Today’s modern consumer is educated and has access to more information about you and what you sell, than ever before in history.

It’s not uncommon for the prospect to know as much or even more than the sales person does about their product or service.

Having rudimentary information, experience and skill about what you do is no longer acceptable.

Today you must be a bona-fide expert in your field, which requires hundreds, perhaps thousands of hours of study and due diligence.

Today’s sales professional must be an advisor, a counsellor and a specialist.

You must know everything there is to possibly know about your product, service and entire industry, as well as the past, present and future conditions of each.

Today’s Sales Professional is Technologically Advanced

If you are not yet making the most use of current technology, you are a dinosaur awaiting extinction.

Things like CRM maximisation, sales process management, time management, multi-media, e-marketing, e-prospecting, and social networking avenues and techniques are no longer a luxury—they are the foundation of your business.

If you are still using sticky-notes to follow up on prospects, unformatted texted-only email, a hand-written time and appointment scheduling system, and you have no idea of how to integrate your message into sites like LinkedIn; then you are operating in the past.

Today’s modern-day sales professional is a technical student and pioneer.

Today’s Sales Professional is a True Believer

As always, you have to believe wholeheartedly in what you do and sell.

However today, that requirement is more important than ever before.

Today’s consumer is so up to date on your industry and willing to play you off of your competition, that you need an unwavering conviction in your product, service and company more now than at any time in the past.

Today’s buyer will test you like never before.

Current clients threaten to leave; prospects demand more for less, and the economy bites at your profits.

If you do not know in your heart that your product, service and pricing is the best value and benefit for the customer, you have a problem.

As an expert, who is technically advanced and truly believes…you are on your way.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 1 October, 2018

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