3 Ways Sales People Can Destroy The Fear Of Indecision

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Closeup Portrait Of HandsomeMany times, you will get to the position in the sale where you and the prospect are discussing moving forward with your product or service, and the progress stalls because the prospect fears making a mistake.

Indecision is caused by people having fears that something will go wrong or another choice may have been better.

The word ‘decision’ comes from a root word meaning ‘to cut off’.

So when a decision is made, a person cuts of from any alternative. And that can cause anxiety and indecision.

How can you kill this fear and give the prospect confidence that the decision is the right one for them and their business?

Identify what the gap is between where they are now and where they will be in the future with your solution.

You need to be absolutely clear on how your company will take their business through this change process.

You need to confirm the time elements and the efforts required to get from here to there.

This builds confidence as you tell them the steps, the timings, the roles and the responsibilities of you and your team as you progress with them.

Defining these process steps helps them see what will physically happen as the sale progresses

Give them clarity on the jobs you and your team will carry out as time progresses.

A lot of fears come about as prospects don’t know what help they will get as the sale progresses.

Be clear on who in your team is responsible for what and by when.

Don’t just say that you will ‘handle everything from your end’.

Be specific, so the prospect see what they can expect, from whom and by when

Create milestones on the journey so the prospect can see exactly what they will be getting.

If you were teaching someone to swim, you would probably start at the shallow end and then progress slowly towards deeper water as they became more confident.

Similarly, you need to show the measurables that will take place as time progresses.

This encourages the prospect to increase their trust in you and your solution, and allows that trust to give them confidence that results will come slowly but surely

You need to create reasons for prospects to make decisions to move forward, and by providing the foundations for that trust to be built, you reduce the fear that may be holding some prospects back from making quality decisions.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 14 June, 2017

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