4 Steps To Sales Success

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Word success spelt on wooden tableI recently came across a simple formula or platform for success in sales. Well, it was sold as a simple formula, but it’s anything but simplistic. Here it is:

Success = Attitude + Skills + Process + Knowledge

What are those four components for sales success?

Attitude: You will know that your attitude will determine your altitude, and it’s especially true in today’s environment. Your attitude can be seen a mile off, and if you don’t believe it, just try expressing any thought, negative or positive, and identify the effect it has on you and others around you.

The skilled salesperson will choose their attitude and the effect it has on them, rather than the other way round. If you choose to treat every opportunity with respect and treat it as a chance for learning, you give yourself the prospect of laying the foundation for successful interactions.

Skills: A skill is something you can learn and develop over a period of time to increase your effectiveness. So, learning a sales skill helps you sell more. What would this include? Rapport-building skills help you build relationships. Listening skills help you learn more. Questioning skills elicit more information. These are skills that will take you further towards success.

Process: This is the consistency of flow that your sales values and ideology go through. If the flow is incorrectly put together or lacks certain conditions at vital points, your chances of success diminish. You must have a process that you can work to. This doesn’t mean a scripted outlook; instead, it can be a flexible driver of conversations that take you from inquisitive sales person to competent partner. Make sure your process is up-to-date and effectively enhances your offers.

Knowledge: The top salespeople we come across are ravenous learners. they devour information and look constantly for new ways to enhance their knowledge. Whether it’s the product or service they sell, or the industries they are selling into, or the companies they are courting, or their own personal development, top salespeople are always on the lookout to succeed in the key area of learning and knowledge.

Take a look at how committed to success you are by rating yourself against these four competencies. Be honest with yourself and identify where you could be creating more opportunities for yourself to succeed.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 26 April, 2011

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