5 Steps to Making Monday Your Best Day

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Word success spelt on wooden tableI’m delighted to introduce a guest blogger for today, my friend and colleague, Mark Hunter. Mark is known as “The Sales Hunter”, and offers some good advice on how to start your working week on the run. Enjoy!

Want to begin your week with good momentum and sales motivation? Here are 5 ways to do it:

1. Contact your best customers Monday morning.

Yes, prospecting Monday morning can be difficult due to people being in meetings. However, just because Monday morning may pose some prospecting challenges doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be on the phone. Monday is a great time to contact your best customers to make sure things are going well with them.

Contacting current customers will motivate you, because they’ll share with you what they like about you and what you sell. They will give you ideas you can then use with other customers. The customers you call will appreciate you reaching out – you benefit and they benefit. Starting Monday morning with this approach can set such a positive tone for your week.

2. Be prepared for Monday before Monday starts.

Far too many salespeople wait until Monday morning to figure out what they want to do. By the time they figure out what they want to do, the day is half gone. Worse than waiting until Monday morning to set a game plan is not having the weekend to mentally prepare yourself for not just a great Monday, but a great week.

Use late Friday afternoon to organize for Monday. This includes taking time to think through the successes you had in the week that is wrapping up. By reflecting back on your successes, you’ll be in a much better frame of mind to set your goals for the coming week.

After you’ve set your goals, you can then begin to organize your customer contact list and how you want to approach each contact. By taking the time to do this Friday afternoon (or Saturday if need be), you’ll have time to think through what you want to accomplish. Plus, you will feel relaxed and in a much better frame of mind to visualize success.

This is similar to the approach excellent athletes take before a major game or match. They prepare their strategy and then spend time reflecting on it and visualizing success.

3. Make your “selling time” truly “selling time.”

Be deliberate with your calendar or journal as to what times of the day you will be selling. Don’t deviate from it. If you start to deviate on Monday from your schedule, you’ll be more likely to deviate again Tuesday and throughout the week. The best performers in anything are those who are most disciplined in how they use their time.

4. Don’t make excuses on Monday as to why you can’t make sales calls.

Salespeople can be famous for making excuses as to why something doesn’t get done. Don’t establish this pattern. Don’t start each week with “reasons” you can delay making sales calls. Be honest with yourself and don’t justify in your mind that “preparing to make a sales call” is the same thing as “making the call.” If left unchecked, “preparing” is an excuse that quickly will overtake everything else.

It’s not that preparation isn’t essential. It’s just that you should be doing it at the end of the day or another non-selling time. Block out an hour at the end of the day for organizing, so that you can focus your energy during the day to actually sell.

5. Avoid the “weekend re-cappers” when you come to the office on Monday.

Monday mornings are hard for a lot of people. You know the type I’m describing. They’re the ones who always want to share one more story about their weekend or complain about how hard of a week they’re going to have. Avoid these people at all costs!

The only thing they will do is drag you down, and the last thing you need at the start of your week is someone dragging you down. The way to avoid this is by finding two people who share your desire to make Mondays great. Connect with these two people with the objective to share your goals for the week and for them to share theirs. Challenge each other toward excellence.

Start incorporating these 5 steps into your weekly routine and the results will astound you. Be the type of person who is always looking forward, scanning the horizon for ways you can improve your individual skills, strengthen your sales motivation and maximize your bottom line.

Mark Hunter, “The Sales Hunter,” helps individuals and companies identify better prospects, close more sales, and profitably build more long-term customer relationships. He is known for his ability to motivate organizations through his high-energy presentations. To find out more and to read his blog, visit http://www.TheSalesHunter.com.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
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Originally published: 20 June, 2011

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