6 Components That Add Up To A Sale

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Handshake In BusinessWe often get asked for the Holy Grail of selling, that one thing that would increase sales exponentially.

Without being patronising, we say there really isn’t just one-size- fits-all when it comes to sales.

But there are a series of components that, when applied together, help you achieve the sale more often than not.

To check if there is a chance for further engagement with a potential buyer, you can use objective criteria for assessing the sales opportunity.

These criteria can be measured, either in a monetary way or alternative options to check their viability.

Take a look at these six components and see how they fit in with your industry.


  • Are you aware of the people within the company who are in charge of making decisions?
  • Do you know the level of their influence and authority?
  • Are you able to gain an appointment with them?
  • Do you know what solutions they are currently using?


  • Do you know what buyer pains they are suffering?
  • What critical business issues are they going through at present?
  • What potential missed opportunities are they experiencing that you could help with?


  • What’s the company vision and how does this relate to your product?
  • What unique differentials can you offer that relate to the vision?
  • How does their vision help them to achieve increased market share?


  • What quantifiable value can you offer to overcome their current challenges?
  • How can you raise the value of the solution you can offer to the buyer?
  • How can you get the buyer to buy-in to the value?


  • How can we collaborate with their business to help them improve their current status?
  • What other firms are collaborating with them and how can we enhance their results without taking their business away from them?
  • Can we reduce buyer’s risk in the ideas we have in mind?

Reason to Act:

  • Is there something urgent the buyer has to achieve that your product or service can help them with?
  • What would be the negative consequences of not making a decision?
  • Are there other time factors that would influence the company decision-making process?

If the criteria used here are important to the company or the buyer, then the chances of making a positive decision in our favour are raised considerably.

Remember, the higher the number of positive criteria noted above, the better the chances of you achieving a favourable outcome.

Happy selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 20 September, 2016

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