7 Ways To Lose A Prospect’s Interest Very Quickly

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Tired Businessman Covering His Mouth With Hand When Yawning At DI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again but those first few moments in ANY sales interaction will either set yourself up for success or failure.

Here are 7 ways to guarantee that you’ll really hack them off in your first encounters with them:

1. On the telephone – you manage to get through and then with a big cheesy voice say “How are you?”

Oh come on! Most people just hate this and know that it’s just lip service so don’t use it

2. On the telephone or face to face – don’t launch into a monologue about you and your company, it’s way to early for that, they are not interested yet.

3. On the telephone – lose the smile and dial. This is the over enthusiastic tone that you use.

Come off it, you don’t even know them yet! Why should you be so happy to talk to them? Is it because you want their money….

There is a time to up the ante with the enthusiasm but it’s not at “Hello”

4. On the telephone or face to face – don’t use pointless “chit chat”. Make your rapport building focused and meaningful. They’ll see straight through this.

5. On the telephone or face to face – you’re too nervous or lack the skills so you just talk, talk and talk with the viewpoint that they can’t object if they can’t get a word in!

Just don’t do it!

6. Face to face – “And here’s another one of our product lines” BORING! Don’t sit and go through a brochure or information if it’s of no interest to your prospect. Use it when the time is right and then only scan it briefly

7. On the telephone or face to face – don’t talk too quickly! Don’t be like a whirlwind or this will really hack your prospects off. Slow down and gauge the pace of your prospect and then match them.

We cover what you should do on the Sales Courses that we run. We also cover what you shouldn’t do as well! These are equally as important. Remember, those first encounters make or break the sale so make sure that you can generate and keep your prospect’s interest and attention and you will be way on your way for a successful sales interaction.

Happy selling


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 1 July, 2009

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