Are You Using Your Brand Too Much In The Sales Process?

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red stamp brand You have spent years building up your reputation and your company has invested decades and hundreds of thousands of pounds establishing your brand identity in the marketplace. You are now at that point where people know who you are and what you sell and the reputation is a good one.

While it is good to capitalise on this brand identity, is it possible to rely too much on the assumed public perception? Below are three pitfalls to watch out for when you have strong name recognition.

#1 – Assumed Trust
Because you know that you have a good name in the industry and people know you and your firm, it is easy to assume that the prospect will be aware and will automatically trust you and what you say.

Due to this assumption, sales people often “skim over” those brand establishing and reputation building issues in the sales process. The thought is, “They already know us, and who we are. There’s no need to go over all those details…” This is a mistake. Your brand may be strong, but it is still only hear-say to the buyer. Build the value of your brand every chance you get during the sales process.

#2 – Assumed Value
Another problem many sales people have when they know the public is aware of their great product, is to assume the prospect will automatically understand the value of the sales offer. The result is a poor uncovering of problems and a lackadaisical effort in building value. If you have strong brand recognition and constantly get price objections, this is probably where you are. Take the time and effort to build the value of what you sell regardless of your brand.

#3 – Assumed Advantage Over The Competition
Never assume that since the buyer should know that you are the better company and have a higher quality product, that you have eliminated the competition. Even when you know for certain that the industry facts are in your favour, remember that facts are only what the prospect believes them to be.

In all, you must always do a thorough job during the sales process. Your strong brand is not a crutch, only an aide.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
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Originally published: 11 December, 2012

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