Account Management

5 Ways To Deal With A Picky Customer

Salesperson dealing with a picky customer

We’ve all had them; those customers for whom nothing you ever do is enough, or everything you do is wrong, or you’re blamed for everything that isn’t your fault. A picky customer is usually like that with every situation. It’s probably not just you. It could be that their character is simply one for whom nothing reaches the level of…

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3 Powerful Tips To Create Client Loyalty

Increasing graph on customer loyalty

In today’s marketplace of shrinking budgets, growing competition and modern, sophisticated buyers, establishing stronger client loyalty is not easy. There always stands a competitor ready to offer lower prices and higher value, while buyers are also looking to play companies off one another in search of the best deal. It should be obvious to anyone in business today, that to establish…

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10 Ideas That Make Business Relationships Work

Business Relationships handshake

Many salespeople and sales managers that I meet and work with are really excellent at their job. They accentuate the positive nature of what they do, and create reasons for clients to not only do business with them in the first place, but also remain loyal, even in the face of concerns and trouble. What do they bring to the…

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7 Habits Of Highly Successful Key Account Managers

key account management red words in hand

When we work with Key Account Managers (KAMs) we are often impressed by their knowledge, skillsets and attitudes that drive them to success. So that we can share their successful attributes and maybe model their behaviours, we have put together some ideas that drive their progress. Here are seven habits that the best ones we’ve studied consistently apply to gain…

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Top Tips For Managing Accounts

key account

I received an email last week from Trevor Borrows who is a newly appointed National Sales Manager in charge of a team of Account Managers. Here’s what Trevor asked: “Hi Sean, being a new National Sales Manager I need to understand how to develop account strategies. I’m really wet behind the ears with this. I appreciate that you run courses…

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What Great Key Account Managers Do Daily

woman with laptop

Key Account Managers (KAM) are the lifeblood of any organisation wanting to grow and develop their network and a loyal client base. Excellence in the role often comes from natural characteristics, but is also forged through building skills that are shown on a daily basis. These then become habits, and it’s this habitual alignment of skills, attitudes and motives that…

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7 Different Key Account Management Definitions. Which One Is Yours?

Torso of male sales manager in blue business suit is identifying a KEY ACCOUNT. Business concept for managing and maintaining valuable business relationships and training of company representatives.

So, what exactly is a Key Account? Think about your own organisation and what you class as a key account. There are many key account management definitions out there but here are the 7 most common types of classification: 1. Are they just the big ones? 2. Are they the ones you mustn’t lose? 3. Are they the ones that…

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12 Tips To Nurture And Build Relationships With Clients

Mature businessman shaking hand

Gavin Ingham once said “Most salespeople make a sale to a client and then move on to the next one. Most clients think that salespeople only ring them when they want to a) sell something new or b) renew their contracts. If someone only rang you when they wanted to sell your something or get you to commit to a new…

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So,Your Point Of Contact’s Left…What Now?

many questions

I’m sure you have many clients, or even advocates, who have been doing business with you for some time. And it’s possible that you have built up a good relationship with the buyer you have been dealing with. They are good for references and testimonials. They offer help when you need it. They keep you informed proactively of changes happening…

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The Right Way To Set Goals – Seeing Them From The Customer’s Perspective

I remember being on the road with a salesperson whom I was coaching to take up a senior sales position within the company he was working for. His business had called me in to help him improve, as it seemed he had plateaued in his sales skills, and his boss was wondering what direction to take him next. Suffice to…

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