Consultative Selling

How To Manage Customer Relationships

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One of the most powerful strategies you can develop as a sales consultant, is the ability to manage, and effectively lead, the relationships with your clients. And if you adopt a strong profile with your best clients, it opens up so many avenues for you to identify further opportunities where you can assist them. When you manage customer relationships well,…

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Symbiotic Selling – Ever Heard Of It?

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Have you heard of symbiotic selling? Symbiosis is a cooperative relationship between two dissimilar organisms in which both organisms receive beneficial reinforcement (mutualism). Like a shark and a remora fish. The remora will enter the shark’s mouth and clean out debris, getting food and protection. The shark gets clean teeth and gills, allowing it to swim in new waters more…

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Why You Need To Be Negative To Succeed In Sales

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Go negative…you know it makes sense! Jumping on the positive-thinking bandwagon again last week, it struck me that many of our clients don’t have many reasons to be positive at the moment. They have so many pressures and adverse trading conditions that they feel overwhelmed and snowed-under by the economic situation they face. Then you come along, all positive,…

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People Buy For Their Reasons And Not Yours!

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One of the best one-liners I’ve ever heard in sales is this: “Always remember that people buy for their own reasons and not yours” This is so true for a number of reasons and this should be engraved on your office wall! Your products might be awesome and you’ve got key USP’s and benefits for them but if your buyers…

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Should You Answer This Question?

When you meet with a prospect for the first time and they ask you “What sets you apart from the rest?” right up front – should you answer that question or not? In my opinion what you don’t want to do is to just show up and throw up all over your prospects by telling them how great you are…

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Prescription Before Diagnosis Is Malpractice

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You wouldn’t walk into your doctors surgery only for him to say a quick hello and then start to write you out a prescription before he’s asked about your symptoms, your problems, where the hurt is or with you sticking your tongue and saying “saying ahh”! So why would you do the same in your sales interactions! So many sales…

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