Customer/Client Retention

Why ALL Sales People Should Focus On Customer Centric Selling

Customer Cantric stamp

Now and again, a new concept is discussed that takes sales into a new dimension. Many are reworks of familiar and rapidly-evolving ideas, and some take sales onto a new plane that deserves contemplation and further development. I’ve been reading a book recently that I believe can help you achieve more by getting inside the minds of customers and connecting…

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5 Quick Tips On Building Better, Long-Term Client Relationships

Handshake Agreement

We all know that partnering with a client’s business helps you to establish long-terms relationships, often provides improved profit opportunities and adds value at every touchpoint you have with the buyer’s company. It offers and delivers results you simply wouldn’t achieve at a more shallow level. What is it, then, that makes businesses open their inner sanctum to you and…

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Here’s Why Customer Satisfaction Is WORTHLESS

Customer Satisfaction

I’ve just finished reading Jeff Gitomer’s book “Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless” and I’d really recommend you get a copy if you’re in customer service. It offers some interesting insights into service and some great stories that resonate in many areas. It got me thinking as to why I’m loyal to some companies and not to others….

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2 Key Components In Building Unbreakable Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty Crossword

When we ask clients why they buy services, we naturally get a wealth of information that allows us to pinpoint the very things we need to do to gain their business. Not only that, it creates touchpoints for us to follow for when we want to maintain loyalty. Yes, we might get business from clients when we offer great value…

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How To Bond With Your New Client Just After The Close

Business people shaking hands

In sales, our natural goal is to make as many people or businesses as we can more successful or profitable than they are currently. That’s the bottom line…it cements the long-term relationship with the new client and makes it a no-brainer that they should continue to do business with us. So what should you do when you have secured commitment…

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7 Steps To Build & Maintain Connections With Your Clients


If there’s one quality that we can always develop on our journey to being great at salesmanship, it’s the quality of connection. Ask any buyer what cements the relationship between them and their best suppliers, somewhere down the line this concept of connection will rise up. No buyer I know will say that they continue buying from a company without…

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6 Questions That Will Enhance Your Client Relationships

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Many salespeople we talk to are happy to discuss their sales techniques and what they do right with their clients. The topics often drift onto which customers they love dealing with and which they would sell to the devil himself if they could. Oftentimes, we take these really great customers for granted. By that I mean we continue getting great…

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The 3 Main Components That Drive Customer Loyalty

customer loyalty

Most companies agree that loyal customers are the lifeblood of their business. Clients who return continuously to restock or re-purchase make it easy for companies to provide service and back-up because the effort needed to ensure satisfaction is minimal. But how do we ensure this loyalty isn’t just short-lived? What attitude do you as a salesperson and as a business…

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5 Keys To Becoming Your Customer’s Trusted Partner


If you’re in any kind of sales position, you really want to make buying and using your products easy and profitable. That’s the real reason why people buy them in the first place; to make their lives or their businesses run smoother. Unless you’re selling transactional, one-off items that will never be repeat buys, you want to build up some…

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3 Quick Tips On Building Long Term Client Relationships

attract convert retain customers

Whenever we discuss salespeople’s skill-sets and the development of such, we always get round to the power of building relationships and the long-term benefits of maintaining and sustaining the connections with clients. The value of doing so has been covered many times, and it is always advantageous to revisit the reasons why these long-term networks can improve profitability and productivity…

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