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Top 5 Phrases To Use In A Follow Up Email

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So, you’ve got hold of a prospect and they’ve replied to you or accepted your request to connect up with them. That’s a great start! But where do you go from here? What can you say that will build rapport and follow-up that initial interest? Here are some phrases that could work well for you: 1) Do you have the…

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3 Vital Tips On Sending Email During The Sale

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Often during the sales process it is necessary to send email to the prospect, and usually the prospect is in the middle of the decision making process. The email correspondence you send during this crucial time period is critical to your success. The slightest misunderstanding or miscue could derail all of the good work you have done. Below are three…

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Understanding the modern day buyer, “Send me info” RIP & an inspirational quote from Amazon

Episode 1: Loads Bubbling Podcast Understanding the modern day buyer, “Send me info” RIP & an inspirational quote from Amazon This podcast includes: Top Tip: Understanding The Modern Day Buyer Skills Pill: How To Respond To “Send Me Some Information/Literature” Inspire Me Quote: From Jeff Bezos Of Amazon Take a look at this episode on

5 Little-known But Essential Email Follow-up Secrets


5 Little-known But Essential Email Follow-up Secrets is a guest post written by Forster Perelsztejn.  Forster gathers sales data at in order to deliver powerful and insightful advice to salespeople. Ever seen this stats collection that says that 48% of salespeople never follow up with a prospect? Yeah, it’s fake, but still, most salespeople are bad at following up….

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How To Write A Follow Up Email The Right Way

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So many sales professionals ask us to assist them in writing emails to their prospects that we sometimes think we should devote all our time and attention to this one area! It’s natural to want to contact prospects and show them how your world-changing products can make them successful. Why wouldn’t a prospect want your stunning range of products to…

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5 Easy Ways To Get Your Prospects To Reply To Emails

Senior business person

Getting prospects to reply to your emails can seem daunting. You put it all together, you give details about your products and how good they are, you make special offers, send them all off and then wait for the replies to pour in, with orders attached. Yeah, right! How can you build more chances that you’ll get replies to your…

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Use This Opening Sentence In A Cold Email Before You Call A Prospect

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Cold-calling has gotten a bad rap in many circles lately, mainly because of the fact the interruption caused to the prospect is seen as simply that…an un-called-for intrusion into their working day. Most salespeople these days attempt to turn the cold-call into a warm lead by finding out lots about the prospect before calling them, so they know some valuable…

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Here’s A Great Way To Get Your Clients To Open Your Emails…

When we do buyers’ surveys, it is interesting to note how many people tell us that they are overwhelmed at work. The amount of work they have to do has increased exponentially and you’ve seen and read those articles saying how many people take work home with them and are basically unable to switch off, even when they are at…

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Five Mistakes When Using Sales Emails

Technology has been a game-changer in every respect in our world. It’s driven everything from improvements in science to advancements in medicine. The world is an unrecognisable place from when I was at school over twenty years ago. One of the biggest changes and advancements has come in the area of communications. Where salespeople used to have to type out letters and…

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Guaranteed Ways To Get Prospects To Open Your Emails

One of the biggest frustrations I hear from salespeople is the inability to get their prospects to open the emails that they send to them. Many think that just because the product they sell will change the prospect’s world for the better, then the email will do the job for them, and they can’t understand that their emails get something…

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