Negotiation Skills

The Implications Of Integrative Negotiation

Have you heard of the term integrative negotiation? Unless you’ve attended a Sales Negotiation Training Course you probably haven’t because it’s not a term used often but it’s a concept that can take your negotiating skills onto the next level. […]

What is BATNA in negotiation and why is it so important?

  What is Batna Negotiation? Have you ever heard of it? This article will cover what Batna stands for and includes some Batna examples. As a modern-day salesperson have you ever found yourself in the position where your prospect or […]

The 5 Stages of The Negotiation Process

  Masterful negotiation is a cornerstone for sales success. Calling a negotiation successful requires two things to occur in tandem. You need to get the other party to agree to your terms, and the other party should leave the table […]

Why Sales Negotiation Skills Are Important

Before we do a deep dive into the world of negotiation skills, let me first ask you a quick question; Do you remember when you were a kid and you wanted to stay over at a friend’s house? You may […]

Best Phrases To Use When Negotiating Discounts

  When buying something, have you ever thought “is the price negotiable”? Would you know how to ask for a discount so it lands, or how to ask for a lower price politely? On the other side of these conversations, […]

5 Areas To Improve Your Sales Negotiation Skills

Being able to negotiate effectively is one of the most important skills you can build in your sales armoury, as it has a direct effect on your margins and overall profitability, as well as ensuring your customers get the best […]

10 Top Qualities Of A Good Negotiator

Every wondered what makes a good negotiator? Negotiation comes from the root word ‘negotiat’ meaning ‘done in the course of business’. In other words, it’s a natural part of the conversation process when dealing with prospects, so if you feel […]

3 Ways To Handle Clients That Wont Stop Negotiating

There are many times when a client tries to intimidate or get the better of salespeople. Whether it’s because they feel they have to in order to get a better deal, or their ego is associated with getting one over […]

5 Best Phrases To Use When Offering A Discount

No matter how good your discussions have been with a prospect, there will come a time when you simply have to talk about lowering your prices. Even though you’ve built up your value, it still seems the prospect wants to […]

The Best Answer To ‘Can You Match Their Price?’

Most salespeople dread the question that asks if you can match the price the competitor has offered. It’s the type of sales objection that makes you cringe. It immediately puts you on the back foot, as you probably wanted to […]

Negotiation Tactics To Look Out For: “The Nibble”

You’re nearly there. The sale is drawing to a close and you’ve been negotiating back and forth. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel and finally the relief comes over you as they say “Right, let’s […]

How To Reduce Your Price Without Reducing The Value

Once in a while, (and it really should be just once in a while,) there comes the time when you absolutely have to lower your price to close the sale. While this may seem like a simple and easy operation, […]