Negotiation Skills

The 5 Stages Of The Negotiation Process

The whole negotiation you have with a client or prospect can be successful or not, based on the way you carry it out. Learn how you can turn a negotiation around if it’s not going well by following a strategic process that you can control.  Also, MTD offers a sales negotiation course that it can help your team conducting profitable…

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10 Top Qualities Of A Good Negotiator

Business people negotiating

Negotiation comes from the root word ‘negotiat’ meaning ‘done in the course of business’. In other words, it’s a natural part of the conversation process when dealing with prospects, so if you feel you’re not good at negotiating, or you don’t have the assertiveness to get a good position for yourself during a negotiation, then you are certainly missing out…

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3 Ways To Handle Clients That Won’t Stop Negotiating Discounts

Businessman not happy with contract

There are many times when a client tries to intimidate or get the better of salespeople. Whether it’s because they feel they have to in order to get a better deal, or their ego is associated with getting one over someone else, or some other rationale, they feel the need to do something that gains them a ‘win’ of some…

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How To Overcome The Prospect Who Needs To ‘Cut Costs’

Business man cutting costs

When negotiating with a client recently, I noticed she was often coming back to the issue of pricing for our services, trying to get me to reduce the fees for some specific services we were offering. Now, I realise that, although MTD are tried and trusted with many clients, new prospects haven’t had the opportunity to see how we can…

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Value Of Ownership, Negotiating With ZOPA, Rockefeller On Good To Great

Episode 7 – Value Of Ownership, Negotiating With ZOPA, Rockefeller On Good To Great Episode 7: Loads Bubbling Podcast This podcast includes: What is the value of ownership? How to negotiate with ZOPA Rockefeller on going from good to great Take a look at this episode on

The Best Phrases To Use When Negotiating Discounts

Mature businessman shaking hand

Your ability to make a profitable sale often hinges on your skills when discussing what price you are willing to settle on for your product. If you are worried about whether you will make the sale or not, you may well offer a lower price to get the buyer to agree to the sale. However, buyers are cute (!) and…

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How To Respond To “We Want A 15% Discount”

Discussion in office between man and women

I have recently been running some training with a very successful client and we have been working on the negotiation skills of their salespeople and sales managers. One person in the group raised an interesting issue about one of his clients. They have been negotiating for a large contract, where they have been dealing with people at different levels; technical,…

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Why You Should ALWAYS Stand Firm On Your Walk Away Point In Sales

fold one's arms

A couple of years ago, I witnessed a great example of negotiating in action, and it taught me a strong lesson. I was on holiday in Turkey and looking around one of those colourful bazaars where everything known to man (and much unknown) is up for bartering. A lady had seen this scarf that she fell in love with at…

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How To Deal With A Stall In Negotiations

When you get to a point in the conversation with a customer where you have to negotiate on price or some other issue, remember one thing: the vast majority of negotiations occur because you haven’t identified the value of doing business with you earlier in the conversation. I have found that if you uncover the needs, wants, desires ad motivations…

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Negotiation Tactics To Look Out For: “The Nibble”

You’re nearly there. The sale is drawing to a close and you’ve been negotiating back and forth. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel and finally the relief comes over you as they say “Right, let’s do this” But at that very moment when your adrenalin is pumping and your body is being flooded with emotions…

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