Objection Handling

How To Overcome The 10 Hardest Sales Objections

  During the Sales Process most people will raise objections. Sales objections are raised for many reasons including: A misunderstanding of something you have said The prospect may feel pressurised into deciding They are not convinced about your claims They […]

How To Respond To “Call Me Back In 6 Months”

Yes, it’s that old chestnut again: the age-old-how-can-I-get-rid-of-this-pesky-salesperson answer. Most prospects will use this simply to get rid of you and if you take it on face value, you might feel there might be a chance in six months’ time. […]

Your Price SHOULD Be Higher Than Your Competitors

I met a salesperson on one of our programmes who was really upset that his company had raised his product’s prices by over 3%, and hadn’t given him an explanation as to why. It was simply called ‘an inflationary mark-up’, […]

“We’re Happy With Our Current Supplier”…What Now?

This is an interesting and, for some salespeople, a ‘killer’ response from a prospect when you are presenting your solutions. Your product may be the best in the make, you may have all the gizmos that impress other clients, you […]

Should You Match Your Competitor’s Price?

You’ve been there many times. You’ve convinced the customer that the product is right for them and the quality is just what they want. Then the bombshell hits – they start talking about price. Price is always a mirror of […]

Responding When Customers Enquire About Price

The whole economic world has changed in the last few years. It will never be ‘business as usual’ again. Most companies that haven’t adapted to the changes will either no longer exist or will have suffered dramatically. One thing that […]

When In The Sale Should You Disclose The Price?

We all know the old rule-of-thumb in selling which is to try not to reveal or discuss the price of what you are selling, until after you have completed your sales presentation. However, dealing with today’s modern, more educated consumer, […]

Harassing Sales Pressure or Sales Persistence?

You know the drill: you do a great sales interaction, cover as many objections as possible before they arise, ask for the order, and then continue to ask for the order. One of the oldest idealisms in professional selling is […]

Is “I’m Happy With My Current Supplier” An Objection?

Every day, I hear from salespeople who are confused, frustrated or defeated by facing what they feel is a nearly insurmountable Sales Objection: “I am sorry, but I am very happy with my current supplier/vendor. We have been doing business […]

A Powerful Way To Handle The Spouse Objection

  “Well, everything looks good. But I just have to ask my wife about this…” “Yes, it is a great offer, but I always discuss things like this with my husband first…” We are all familiar with the spouse objection, […]

Best Response To “I’m Not Interested” Objection

  Cold Call Objections No matter whether you’re a telesales rep, a business development manager, telemarketing agent or anyone who works in sales, you’ll receive lots of them throughout your sales career. What am I talking about? Cold call objections […]

5 Ways To Handle ‘I Want To Shop Around’

How frustrating is it when your client has gone through your proposal and your sales presentation and then said ‘I want to shop around and get some quotes from other suppliers’? It’s not obvious from his statement what exactly their […]

What To Do If They Ask For Discount

Although we’ve spoken in the past about avoiding the discount question, there will come a time when we have to face reality and have to discount at some point. What I’m referring to is damage control and that’s what our […]