Sales Planning

Your Best Prospects Are Your Current Customers

Businessman holding virtual people

How many times has your manager told you to go out and prospect? If they are worth their salt, I hope it’s hundreds of times. And they may even have given you a lead sheet to help you on your way. Do you know the best source of leads? The people who you will want to call, rather than shy…

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One Way To Stand Out Against The Competition

Standing out from others cartoon

We’ve often spoken about your marketing and advertising, and how important it is to keep your name in front of your prospects, especially when the time comes for them to want a solution to a challenge that you can help them with. Well, how can you differentiate yourself from your competitors in a way that will make you, personally, stand…

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Planning For Customer Meetings

Meeting with prospects

Preparation prevents poor performance. You know that. It’s the most obvious rule you’ve ever been told by your manager. But what sets you apart from the also-rans is the quality of your preparation. Here we take a look at what highly successful salespeople do to prepare for that first meeting with a prospect. 1) Research so you have specific reasons…

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How To Plan Effectively

Calendar planner with organiser and notes

How often do you sit down and really plan ahead? Every day? Every week? Sometimes? Planning ahead can really set you apart from other salespeople as it offers a glimpse of a created future. But there’s a way of planning that you may not have focused on before, and it will get you great results. Most people tend to focus…

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How Clegg Closed The Sale In Last Night’s Leaders Debate

Business men arms businessmen crossed suits crossed arms

Last nights first ever LIVE TV Leaders debate between Brown, Cameron and Clegg was well worth a watch. For me, I’m not really into politics but I am into people watching and communication strategies. For me, here’s how Clegg closed the sale last night… Overall, there were three suppliers – Brown, Cameron and Clegg. Sound familiar? By the way that…

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Seeing It & Selling It From A Different Angle

Putting the numbers to work

At MTD, we are always looking for ways to innovate and see things differently. Charles Thompson wrote one of our favourite books called “What a Great Idea!” and in it he discussed an interesting concept called “problem reversal”. Edward de Bono also developed this idea. How can it be applied in selling? First of all identify anything that could really…

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Cover An M.B.A Course In Your Car!

Smart Car Concept - Car Dashboard And Hands Holding Phone With A

An interesting change of thought came up at one of our recent Essential Selling Skills courses. One of the delegates was bemoaning the fact that he spent a great deal of his working day sitting in traffic queues, and after he had made his customary phone calls and listened to Radio One, he got bored and frustrated. Our trainer asked…

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Increase Customer Profits To Increase Sales

Customer Service Word Cloud

What do buyers want from you? Cost savings? Discounts? The best price? They might tell you they want these things, and they may even be convinced that they want them, too. But all of these are really only in the background compared to what they really, really want. Imagine these two scenarios: 1) Your customer tells his boss that he…

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How To Manage The Stress Of Constantly Performing

Busy stressful woman secretary under stress in the office

Here’s a question I got asked last week about keeping on top of your game: “I work for ABC and have been the number 1 performer for the last 4 years. Can you maybe give me any advice on managing the stress of constantly performing? Things like being totally nervous and anxious before nearly every appointment even though I have…

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Sales Scripts For Show, Sales Framework For Dough!

I’m often asked to write sales scripts for organisations, especially for telephone sales. From time to time I’m also asked to write sales scripts for face to face sales too. Here’s my take on this: To be honest, OVERALL,  I am not a big fan of using scripts. If you’re new to a company, or if you’re selling a specific…

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