Sales Process

3 Effective Ways to Reduce Canceled Appointments

Paper calendar

Appointments that cry off at the last minute will cost you a great deal of money.  In addition to the time you spent to set the appointment, now you have travel time, gas and a host of other less tangible expenses.  Depending on your business, it may be impossible to eliminate canceled appointments completely.  However, you can greatly reduce them…

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5 Reasons Why Sales Stall At The Close

Sales person negotiating price

How many times have you been with a prospect and everything seemed to be going right? You know the feeling…you’ve done your homework, you’re getting good vibes, they’ve made the decision and it looks like a good business relationship is about to start. The only thing they need to do is sign on the dotted line to confirm. Now let…

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4 Steps To Sales Success

Word success spelt on wooden table

I recently came across a simple formula or platform for success in sales. Well, it was sold as a simple formula, but it’s anything but simplistic. Here it is: Success = Attitude + Skills + Process + Knowledge What are those four components for sales success? Attitude: You will know that your attitude will determine your altitude, and it’s especially…

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3 Myths Of Relationship Selling

Wooden blocks spelling MYTHS

Have you ever met with a prospect and got on really well, then it ends up that they never return your calls or emails and you can’t get in touch with them? How frustrating is that?! There are many reasons why this may occur, but here are three myths about relationship selling that might explain them. Firstly, the relationship that…

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Check Their Buying Motives

Woman with a question mark on head

We’ve all been told that buyers these days are only interested in price. Well, if that’s what you really believe, you will be right. You’ll attract that response as soon as you open your mouth. However, our research has shown that there are a great many buying motives that buyers display…and if you are able to tap into these, it…

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Offer Something Better Than Discounts

Time to Sell

How do you react when your customer requests a discount? Usually, we react in one of two ways…either with disappointment that we hadn’t built up the value in the customer’s eyes before discussing price, or with anticipation that we may get a sale if we both negotiate to an agreeable figure. How about trying something different to keep the customer’s…

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How To Follow Through After Closing

Follow up written on calendar

One of our trainers asked delegates on a recent open sales course, when was the sale actually completed and finished? All the delegates volunteered that it was when the prospect said ‘yes’ to the sale. This was termed the ‘close’, and we could heave a big sigh of relief and tick another one off our checklist. However, I came across…

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Stand Out When You Follow Up

Organiser with a pen and phone

People buy from you because of who you are, right? That’s what most buyers tell us. You’re impression on the customer can make or break a sale. Even if you have the best product and service, even if you’re the best value, even if they would be foolish to go with anyone else, you can be that differentiator in the…

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A Little Less Conversation A Little More Action Please!

less talk, more action

On the way to work this morning Elvis came on the radio with “A little less conversation a little more action” and I couldn’t help but turn up the volume! It made me think though of how sales people follow up on their prospects for some reason! I know….I’m weird! Picture this: You’ve had a great meeting with a prospect,…

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How to Keep the Sales Process Going During Down Time

Sales process book

Here’s an interesting question I just got asked: _________________________________________________ “Hi Sean, Unfortunately, I don’t need to think too much about my most burning question for you… It’s an easy one, and I’d title it “How do I keep the momentum going with a prospect” or rewording it into “how not to lose the momentum with a prospect”. In my business,…

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