Sales Process

Does Your Company Have A Business Prevention Team?

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We’ve trained over 20,000 people around the world and I am amazed at how many times I hear statements like: “We’re not a customer centric organisation…” “Finance said that we can only…” “Operations said that we can’t support that growth…” Can’t support growth? What! I find that in a lot of companies the tail wags the dog. As sales people…

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Keep Your Name In Your Prospect’s Mind

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During longer sales cycles it’s critical that you keep your name in your prospect’s mind but you don’t want to become a pest either! I’m not just talking about those cringing “touch base” calls that you make. There’s no such thing as a touch base call! They know it and you know it! They know that you’re fishing for a…

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How To Design A Sales Process

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I received an interesting question yesterday from Keith Lassiter who sells conservatories. Keith asked me how to contruct a sales process from scratch. Now if you have to do this, here’s my top tip on how to make a start: With a blank piece of paper write down how your prospects and clients make their buying decision? Right from the…

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Get Them In Cheap & Sell Them Deep!

Have you ever experimented by offering different options for your products and services? If you do want to offer options then I recommend the power of 3 options because anymore than that and the information looks a little overwhelming. A Good (budget option) Better (budget plus) and Best (expensive) approach works well. Now this approach can work well in the…

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Sales Velocity – Shorten Your Sales Cycle For Increased Sales

“Sales Velocity” – it’s a new buzzword in town and I’ve just commented on another decent sales blog at Sales Excellence about the very subject. So what actually do we mean by sales velocity? Well, it’s how long the sales cycle is for your particualr product or service. In other words “How quick do you close a sale?” Now a…

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Does Your Team Use A Sales Playbook?

Just imagine if you were faced with a selling situation and you could look up which direction or action to take from a book that contained step by step instructions written down by the very best sales people in your company – do you think that would improve your results? Of course it would! Well, enter the SALES PLAYBOOK! Now…

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Are Your Closing Ratios Better Than An NYPD Officer?

  What are your hit rates? Do you understand the numbers behind your selling? If you are deadly serious about becoming the best sales person you can be then you need to understand the numbers at EACH and EVERY stage of your entire sales process. Whatever you do, you need to measure it, keep score, track it and then improve…

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You Need To Create Value Overload In Your Sales Interactions

Whenever you listen to a sales pitch, are on the receiving end of a sales presentation, read an advert or are reading one of those 453 page sales letters online, what’s going through your head? I bet that you’re most likely saying to yourself: “Ok, how much is this going to cost me?” You see, whether you know it or…

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Are You Just Hunting For The Big Sales Deals?

From time to time you’ll close a monster deal! With this you’ll most likely hit 25% of yearly sales target with one piece of business. But do you continually go after whales all of the time at the expense of smaller fish? My advice is that your pipeline should consist of both. The reason being is that to bag a…

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My Closing Ratios Are Still High, So What’s The Problem?

I received a great question in my inbox last week that was from a salesman whose results were taking a dip yet his sales closing ratio was just as high as normal, the pipeline was a full as it ever was and his appointment setting ratios were higher than normal.  “Please help me identify where I am going wrong Sean?” was…

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